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    15151. spamassassin+spamass: the most efficient way to prevent tons of SPAM to be accepted. However, spamassassin have to be tunes itself to carry a global autowhitelist and bayes filter throught all user accounts. In adding pyzor, razor and ddc should be enabled with spamassasin.
    16 2. DNS blacking: the second most efficient way to block SPAM as these blacklists are well maintained.
     162. DNS blacklisting: the second most efficient way to block SPAM as these blacklists are well maintained.
    17173. DKIM/SPF signing: to reduce the probability that mails from your domain will be flagged as SPAM themselves it is a good idea to implement DKIM and SPF mechanisms in you domain. Many SPAM engines are considering DKIM/SPF setups today and will consider valid DKIM/SPF mails to be flagged as Ham.
    18184. while greylisting was very efficient years ago (> 5 years) most of the SPAMers have already adapted they engines by today.  Was also using greylisting in the beginning but nowaday itis not really efficient anymore and just delays your transfers. There are numeros webpages talking about this fact already. In my setup I replaced greylisting with DNS blacklisting and ended up with higher SPAM recognition rates and less false-positives.

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