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I think the most important point is to check here is why YAM is trying to recreate the index at all. Is it just because the dates of the folder and the .findex file were altered and thus YAM thinks the index is outdated/corrupted or is there a another reason? Or is it because the backed up index on the CD has an older version than YAM currently uses?

Second, how should YAM react in case a mail's state has to be changed (i.e. from "new/unread" to "read"? This requires write access to the disk or you will get tons of further "disk is write protected" requesters and the next time you start YAM the mails will have their old state. Although this must be acceptable.

One solution would be to either accept index files from read-only media as they are and never perform a rescan, but this would mean old mail backups cannot be used with future versions of YAM and a changed index file layout.

Doing the rescan once is no 100% solution either, as YAM will automatically flush unused indices from memory and reload them when necessary, but this would result in yet another rescan. In this case the index must be marked as "not flushable" to avoid the constant rescan. But this all only holds true as long as YAM is not restarted. After a restart the scan will be due again.

From my point of view it all comes down to one question: why is the index rebuilding necessary at all and can any logic inside YAM make this necessity more tolerable? The way YAM handles its mails simply requires a disk that can be written to.



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