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May 26, 2010:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel3:29 PM Changesets [4717-4718] by tboeckel
* YAM_WR.c: added some const qualifiers.
Hackergotchi for tboeckel3:19 PM Changeset [4716] by tboeckel
* extrasrc/vastubs.c: removed some trailing spaces
Hackergotchi for samo792:39 PM Changeset [4715] by samo79
* locale/italian.ct: update italian catalog.
Hackergotchi for tboeckel12:48 PM Changesets [4713-4714] by tboeckel
* YAM_WR.c: split some multiline fprintf()s into separate lines for …

May 25, 2010:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel8:12 AM Ticket #165 (DSI crash when unselected text in mail editor) closed by tboeckel
fixed: Fixed in the next release of TextEditor.mcc.

May 22, 2010:

Hackergotchi for samo798:24 AM Ticket #165 (DSI crash when unselected text in mail editor) created by samo79
I get a DSI crash clicking on unselected text (on mail composer) in WB

May 21, 2010:

Hackergotchi for damato9:29 AM Changeset [4712] by damato
* include/mui: updated the mui includes to match the latest released …

May 19, 2010:

Hackergotchi for damato10:48 AM AboutYAM edited by damato
Added image (diff)
Hackergotchi for damato10:14 AM Changeset [4711] by damato
* locale/polish.ct: updated polish catalog translation kindly provided …
Hackergotchi for samo792:05 AM Changeset [4710] by samo79
* locale/italian.ct: Fix a little typo.

May 18, 2010:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel8:50 AM Changeset [4709] by tboeckel
* locale/germant.ct: fixed a very strange translation.
Hackergotchi for tboeckel8:49 AM Changeset [4708] by tboeckel
* mui/WriteWindow.c, mui/WriteWindowToolbar.c: correctly declared the …

May 17, 2010:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel9:51 PM Changeset [4707] by tboeckel
* YAM_COs.c: fixed a small bug which prevented the DOS pattern setting …
Hackergotchi for tboeckel2:31 PM Changeset [4706] by tboeckel
* YAM_FI, YAM_COs.c: restored the old string search behaviour when …
Hackergotchi for tboeckel12:13 PM Changeset [4705] by tboeckel
* mui/WriteWindow.c: the attachment list now uses the same size …

May 16, 2010:

Hackergotchi for damato1:38 PM Changeset [4704] by damato
* YAM_FI.c: fixed a minor memory leak where upon using the new …

May 14, 2010:

Hackergotchi for natman4:36 PM Changeset [4703] by natman
updated spanish catalog translation

May 13, 2010:

Hackergotchi for damato3:59 PM Ticket #164 (Only reply to marked text) closed by damato
fixed: (In [4702]) * YAM_WR.c, YAM_write.h, YAM_MA.c, ReadWindow.c, …
Hackergotchi for damato3:59 PM Changeset [4702] by damato
* YAM_WR.c, YAM_write.h, YAM_MA.c, ReadWindow.c, ReadMailGroup.c, …
Hackergotchi for damato2:09 PM Ticket #164 (Only reply to marked text) created by damato
Since the new TextEditor.mcc versions we have the possibility to …

May 12, 2010:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel10:02 PM Changeset [4701] by tboeckel
* mui/QuickSearchBar.c: modified a comment.
Hackergotchi for tboeckel10:00 PM Changeset [4700] by tboeckel
* mui/QuickSearchBar.c: use new Boyer/Moore search here as well.
Hackergotchi for samo796:08 PM Changeset [4699] by samo79
* locale/italian.ct: update italian catalog.
Hackergotchi for tboeckel4:32 PM Changeset [4698] by tboeckel
* YAM_COs.c: added loading and saving of the extended string search.
Hackergotchi for tboeckel4:23 PM Changeset [4697] by tboeckel
* locale/germant.ct: some corrections for the german translation.
Hackergotchi for tboeckel4:22 PM Changeset [4696] by tboeckel
* BoyerMooreSearch.c: added some const keywords.
Hackergotchi for tboeckel4:20 PM Changeset [4695] by tboeckel
* mui/SearchControlGroup.c: fixed a typo.
Hackergotchi for tboeckel4:19 PM Changeset [4694] by tboeckel
* BoyerMooreSearch.c, YAM_FI.c: implemented a fast string search using …
Hackergotchi for damato3:55 PM Changeset [4693] by damato
- added AUTH chunk to locale translation file
Hackergotchi for damato3:54 PM Changeset [4692] by damato
* Aboutwindow.c: added Emilio Jimenez to the list of active translators.
Hackergotchi for damato3:51 PM Localization edited by damato
Added Emilio Limenez to the active list over translators (diff)

May 10, 2010:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel7:49 AM Changeset [4691] by tboeckel
* Makefile, doc/Install-YAM: added new spanish translation to the …
Hackergotchi for natman12:28 AM Changeset [4690] by natman
added spanish catalog translation.

May 8, 2010:

Hackergotchi for damato7:44 PM MailingLists edited by damato
changed link to new yam-svn mailman based mailing list @yam.ch (diff)

May 6, 2010:

Hackergotchi for anonymous3:12 AM Ticket #161 (Crash when press send now on zune 68k(YAM do push method and delete ...) closed by trac-robot
This ticket was closed automatically by the system. It was previously …

Apr 30, 2010:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel12:32 PM Changeset [4689] by tboeckel
* YAM.c: clear the object pointer right after disposing it.
Hackergotchi for damato12:24 PM Changeset [4688] by damato
* YAM.c: slightly reworked the CheckMCC() function to not only rely on …

Apr 28, 2010:

Hackergotchi for samo799:47 PM Changeset [4687] by samo79
* locale/italian.ct: fixed some unused space.
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