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Sep 6, 2011:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel7:46 AM Changeset [2e419dc]amissl4guigfx by Thore Böckelmann
removed superflous Superclass definition
Hackergotchi for tboeckel7:44 AM Changeset [5abf8bcc]amissl4guigfx by Thore Böckelmann
* mui/TransferWindow.c, TransferControlList.c: the transfer list's …

Sep 5, 2011:

Hackergotchi for abalaban11:24 PM Changeset [40c9f15]amissl4guigfx by Alexandre Balaban
* locale/french.ct: updated according to latest changes.

Sep 4, 2011:

Hackergotchi for natman10:37 PM Changeset [bc3313c]amissl4guigfx by Emilio Jimenez
locale/spanish.ct: update to the latest changes.

Aug 29, 2011:

Hackergotchi for samo7911:48 PM Changeset [0ee4ee9]amissl4guigfx by Samir Hawamdeh
- locale/italian.ct: fixed some typo again :-)

Aug 15, 2011:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel8:01 AM Changeset [08442de]amissl4guigfx by Thore Böckelmann
* mui/BirthdayRequestWindow.c: bumped the notification's parameter …
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