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Dec 19, 2011:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel10:45 AM Changeset [716ad84]amissl4guigfx by tboeckel
* AVLTree.c: removed some senseless comments used for MUI subclasses.

Dec 18, 2011:

Hackergotchi for damato9:13 PM Changeset [da72544]amissl4guigfx by damato
* YAM.c, YAM_EA.c: fixed some potentially critical DoMethod calls to …

Dec 17, 2011:

Hackergotchi for damato9:29 PM Changeset [3d7a406]amissl4guigfx by damato
* mui/AddrBookListtree.c, MainFolderListtree.c: now that a new fixed …
Hackergotchi for damato9:27 PM Changeset [db7a0e1]amissl4guigfx by damato
* YAM.c: bumped all minimum required versions of all MCCs to what are …
Hackergotchi for damato2:24 PM Changeset [2b97f34]amissl4guigfx by damato
* AVLTree.c: replace AllocVec/FreeVec calls with AllocVecPooled and …
Hackergotchi for damato11:40 AM Changeset [a276146]amissl4guigfx by damato
* extrasrc: slightly revised some of our own implementation of …
Hackergotchi for damato10:18 AM Changeset [e611798]amissl4guigfx by damato
- moved Matthias to the contributor section since he didn't …

Dec 16, 2011:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel11:25 PM Changeset [a2866995]amissl4guigfx by tboeckel
* mui/AddrBookListtree.c, MainFolderListtree.c: fixed wrong usage of …
Hackergotchi for damato11:22 AM Changeset [3d80a5b]amissl4guigfx by damato
* extrasrc/strcasestr.c: renamed our own stristr() implementation to …
Hackergotchi for damato9:37 AM Changeset [90c663f]amissl4guigfx by damato
* YAM_MA.c: changed the mail import requester to allow to select …
Hackergotchi for damato9:37 AM Changeset [80db988]amissl4guigfx by damato
* locale/*.ct: fixed all catalog files to have "%s" added to the …
Hackergotchi for damato12:44 AM Changeset [d8918ac]amissl4guigfx by damato
* HTML2Mail.l: reworked the main html2mail flex rules to behave …

Dec 15, 2011:

Hackergotchi for mandi789:58 AM Changeset [dd0873a]amissl4guigfx by mandi78
* locale/polish.ct: update to the latest changes.
Hackergotchi for damato9:38 AM Changeset [1a71e00]amissl4guigfx by damato
* mui/MainFolderListtree.c, mui/MainMailList.c: added PCS format …
Hackergotchi for tboeckel9:02 AM Changeset [b33d4cc]amissl4guigfx by tboeckel
* mui/AddrBookListtree.c, MainFolderListtree.c: added a workaround for …
Hackergotchi for damato12:00 AM Donations edited by damato

Dec 9, 2011:

Hackergotchi for natman5:15 PM Changeset [b827326]amissl4guigfx by natman
locale/spanish.ct: update to the latest change.

Dec 8, 2011:

Hackergotchi for samo7911:56 PM Changeset [3860134]amissl4guigfx by samo79
- locale/italian.ct: update to the latest changes.
Hackergotchi for tboeckel1:16 PM Changeset [a9cfc36]amissl4guigfx by tboeckel
* locale/YAM.cd: added the new possible placeholders to the error …
Hackergotchi for tboeckel1:15 PM Changeset [224d1b7]amissl4guigfx by tboeckel
* YAM_AB.c: added some more possible placeholders for the date parser.
Hackergotchi for tboeckel1:03 PM Changeset [f5bed33]amissl4guigfx by tboeckel
* YAM_AB.c: enhanced the date scanner to accept placeholders like %e, …

Nov 28, 2011:

Hackergotchi for damato11:49 PM Changeset [80effd2]amissl4guigfx by damato
* HTML2Mail.l: implemented identification of <script> tag so that text …

Nov 27, 2011:

Hackergotchi for damato11:47 PM Changeset [73ec9d5]amissl4guigfx by damato
* mui/AddrmatchlistPopup.c: modified addrmatchlist to also popup in …

Nov 26, 2011:

Hackergotchi for damato10:12 AM Changeset [65c9296]amissl4guigfx by damato
* YAM_RE.c: modified the MIME boundary checks to make sure that the …

Nov 22, 2011:

Hackergotchi for damato1:38 AM Changeset [2a20714]amissl4guigfx by damato
* mui/UpdateNotifyWindow.c: the UpdateCheck mechanisms will now not …

Nov 21, 2011:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel5:48 PM Changeset [ce3e7b0a]amissl4guigfx by tboeckel
* YAM.c: YAM now correctly terminates instead of restarting itself …
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