Sep 24, 2012:

Hackergotchi for JosDuchIt10:33 AM Ticket #347 (Crash after deleting an incoming message) created by JosDuchIt
== Summary == Domtimes after a first delete of a message, somtimes after …

Sep 21, 2012:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel1:52 PM Changeset [6281] by tboeckel
* tcp/pop3.c: the transfer window will no longer show the download …

Sep 20, 2012:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel9:12 AM Changeset [6280] by tboeckel
* YAM.c, YAM_CO.c, YAM_COg.c: YAM will now trust any active DST tool and …

Sep 19, 2012:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel5:53 PM Changeset [6279] by tboeckel
* YAM_CO.c: use TZA_UTCOffsetSTD instead of TZA_UTCOffset.
Hackergotchi for tboeckel4:24 PM Changeset [6278] by tboeckel
* YAM.c, YAM_CO.c, YAM_COg.c: favor the time zone information obtained …
Hackergotchi for tboeckel3:26 PM Changeset [6277] by tboeckel
* YAM.c, YAM_CO.c: disabling the DST checkmark object now depends on the …
Hackergotchi for tboeckel12:26 PM Changeset [6276] by tboeckel
* YAM_CO.c: avoid a NULL pointer access in case there is no "first" …
Hackergotchi for tboeckel12:20 PM Changeset [6275] by tboeckel
* YAM_CO.c: added some debug output in case the configured time zone or …

Sep 18, 2012:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel12:42 PM Changeset [6274] by tboeckel
* UserIdentity.c: in case no matching user identity can be found for a …

Sep 16, 2012:

Hackergotchi for damato8:30 AM Changeset [6273] by damato
* misc: updated nightly build environment to new GCC 4.7.1 compiler …

Sep 13, 2012:

Hackergotchi for damato9:16 PM Donations edited by damato

Aug 29, 2012:

Hackergotchi for natman12:15 AM Changeset [6272] by natman
* locale/spanish.ct: fixed another error in the latest translator file.

Aug 28, 2012:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel10:40 AM Changeset [6271] by tboeckel
* mui/Aboutwindow.c: restructured the crawling text to better match the …
Hackergotchi for tboeckel7:40 AM Changeset [6270] by tboeckel
* YAM_CO.c, YAM_FO.c: changing anything in the configuration will update …
Hackergotchi for tboeckel7:20 AM Changeset [6269] by tboeckel
* YAM_COg.c: creating a new signature will not use an external signature …
Hackergotchi for tboeckel5:39 AM Changeset [6268] by tboeckel
* locale/spanish.ct: fixed two wrong placeholders.
Hackergotchi for tboeckel5:36 AM Changeset [6267] by tboeckel
* locale/spanish.ct: removed some trailing spaces.
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