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Jun 6, 2013:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel8:34 AM Changeset [ce70b64]amissl4 by tboeckel
* doc/Install-YAM: changed all occurences of "2.8" to "2.8p1".
Hackergotchi for tboeckel8:22 AM Changeset [c78e240]amissl4 by tboeckel
* tools/mkrelease.sh: bumped version to 2.8p1.
Hackergotchi for tboeckel7:58 AM Changeset [a1c4937]amissl4 by tboeckel
* doc/Install-YAM: added missing closing brace in greek translation.

Jun 2, 2013:

Hackergotchi for damato1:34 PM New topic on General created by damato
Mailing lists moved to https://mailman.yam.ch/
Hackergotchi for damato1:29 PM WikiStart edited by damato
added news on mailing list switch (diff)
Hackergotchi for damato12:53 PM MailingLists edited by damato
added information on the mailing list archives (diff)
Hackergotchi for damato12:51 PM MailingLists edited by damato
updated page with new information on our mailing lists (diff)

Jun 1, 2013:

Hackergotchi for damato2:39 PM Blog: All mailing lists switched to Mailman created by damato

May 24, 2013:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel6:27 AM Changeset [b98ab3c]amissl4 by tboeckel
* locale/greek.ct: updated greek translation kindly provided by …

May 17, 2013:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel10:32 AM Changeset [b326cad]amissl4 by tboeckel
* YAM_UT.c: use TrimStart() function instead of skipping leading …
Hackergotchi for tboeckel10:23 AM Changeset [4107308]amissl4 by tboeckel
* mime/rfc2047.c: minor layout changes.
Hackergotchi for tboeckel10:14 AM Changeset [6f9e1bea]amissl4 by tboeckel
* mime/rfc2047.c: changed the class of a debug statement.

May 13, 2013:

Hackergotchi for sindlarv6:17 PM Changeset [5fa5898]amissl4 by sindlarv
* locale/czech.ct: updated Czech translation.
Hackergotchi for tboeckel9:27 AM Changeset [3e627cf]amissl4 by tboeckel
* resources/themes: bumped the revisions on the recently updated themes.
Hackergotchi for tboeckel8:41 AM Changeset [6a084f5]amissl4 by tboeckel
* themes/MagicWB reduced, themes/Mason old, themes/NewIcons: fixed the …

May 8, 2013:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel9:20 AM Changeset [f864c6a]amissl4 by tboeckel
* YAM_RE.c, mime/rfc2047.c: don't output a warning in case finding the …
Hackergotchi for tboeckel8:31 AM Changeset [2dc82497]amissl4 by tboeckel
* YAM_MAf.c: fixed a possible uninitialized time zone string in case …
Hackergotchi for tboeckel8:23 AM Changeset [c99b47c]amissl4 by tboeckel
* YAM_MAf.c: added some debug output when reading the header lines of …
Hackergotchi for tboeckel8:16 AM Changeset [6e3467d]amissl4 by tboeckel
* YAM_MAf.c: skip the leading angle bracket of a Message-Id string as …
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