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Jul 6, 2013:

Hackergotchi for damato12:01 PM DeveloperSummit2013 edited by damato

Jul 5, 2013:

Hackergotchi for damato10:57 PM DeveloperSummit2013 created by damato
First version of DeveloperSummit2013 information page
Hackergotchi for tboeckel8:39 AM Changeset [7e859a2]amissl4 by tboeckel
* YAM_FI.c: fixed a possible out of range array access.

Jul 4, 2013:

Hackergotchi for damato10:28 PM Changeset [2e01002]amissl4 by damato
- fixed some compiler warning
Hackergotchi for tboeckel8:55 AM Changeset [534022c]amissl4 by tboeckel
* doc/Install-YAM: added a workaround for a bug in the YAM 2.8 release …

Jul 3, 2013:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel4:25 PM Changeset [c4e973c]amissl4 by tboeckel
* doc/Install-YAM: the YAM.cd file will now always be copied.

Jun 27, 2013:

Hackergotchi for damato9:28 PM Blog: 2nd YAM Developer Summit created by damato

Jun 6, 2013:

Hackergotchi for tboeckel8:34 AM Changeset [ce70b64]amissl4 by tboeckel
* doc/Install-YAM: changed all occurences of "2.8" to "2.8p1".
Hackergotchi for tboeckel8:22 AM Changeset [c78e240]amissl4 by tboeckel
* tools/mkrelease.sh: bumped version to 2.8p1.
Hackergotchi for tboeckel7:58 AM Changeset [a1c4937]amissl4 by tboeckel
* doc/Install-YAM: added missing closing brace in greek translation.
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