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     1= YAM Developer Summit 2013 (Wohlenberg, Germany) =
     3On the evening of June 26th and June 27th 2013 the two leading YAM developers Thore Böckelmann and Jens Langner met again in Wohlenberg, Germany. Besides general discussions about Amiga development and YAM one of the major goals of the meeting had been the finalize of the 2013/2014 development roadmap for YAM. This page should summarize information on the general consensus of this meeting so that users and interested developers can get an impression which future road YAM development will take.
     5== General consensus/decisions ==
     7* The development on the YAM 2.8p1 update version had been finished and the final release is scheduled for calendar week 27.
     8* Development on YAM 2.9 had already partly begun and its final release will still be scheduled for christmas 2013.
     9* To improve handling of development priorities a new "YAM future releases" milestone will be used to put all tickets there which have the endorsement of the development team but where it isn't really clear in which major version these tickets will be implemented.
     10* In future, as soon as all assigned tickets of a milestone are closed the release will be immediately scheduled for ASAP.
     11* One major change in YAM 2.9 will be some intermediate (limited) IMAP support which will allow to download mails from IMAP servers quite similar to the POP3 protocol. However, as the IMAP protocol is quite complex and overwhelming full IMAP synchronization support is still expected to arrive with a final YAM 3.0 version hopefully in the course of 2014/2015.
     12* Future versions of YAM will continue to be released for AmigaOS4/PPC, MorphOS/PPC, AmigaOS3/m68k, AROS/x86, AROS/PPC and AROS/x86_64 with priority on AmigaOS4, MorphOS and AmigaOS3 as testing releases for AROS is hardly possibly and a clear maintainer for the AROS platform is still missing.
     13* There is still lack of maintainers (developers) for MorphOS/PPC and all AROS-based platforms are missing and the YAM team is highly interested in seeing maintainers joining for these platforms as that will greatly improve support for these.
     14* More translators are required and should be encourage to join the project.
     15* Consolidation to soley using the 'trac'-based development platform even for the FAQ, Forum and Documetation had been finised and greatly improved efficiency of the development.
     17== YAM 2.9 roadmap decisions ==
     19* #6: UTF-8 encoding of all data in the index have to be used and the encoding/decoding routines used on runtime instead. This should greatly improve usability of YAM in environments of changing charset encodings.
     20* #7: If an UTF-8 editor is used it might be desirable to be able to directly export a mail from YAM to that editor. However, currently YAM does not convert the mail text to UTF-8 but instead always load the mail text in the local charset into an external editor. This can, however, be easily changed by adding an UTF8 export/import mechanism.
     21* #9: after analysis and dicussion, this issue seems to be quite straight forward to elimnate: we should always convert to the set charset encoding when writing the mail (even to disk).
     22* #10: some functionality had already been partly added to YAM to address this issue. The main problem is that YAM (and even the system) doesn't have a functionality yet to tell if a certain date is/was within or out of daylight saving time. This functionality will be added in 2.9 so that correct DST management should be possible.
     23* #12: the LISTFREEZE arexx command seems to be broken and will be fixed.
     24* #18: a possibility will be added to be able to put the quick-filter component of the main GUI at the bottom of the main window (as hidden option). To handle this and other cases more efficient a new "View" main menu item will be added so that functionality that changes the main GUI can be added here.
     25* #20: improving the documentation is always a desirable change.
     26* #35: a functionality will be added that will allow to ignore and encrypted mail during a manual search or automatic filter operations.
     27* #40: the functionality to automatically jump to the latest unread msg will be moved to a folder option rather than providing this option globally only.
     28* #45: the date field in a read window always shows the full date line of the mail header. This will be changed so that the read window will also always show the date/time converted in relation to the timezone of the user using YAM.
     29* #48: a problem will be fixed which didn't copy a filter setting if switch the rules.
     30* #55: functionality will be added to allow to show the progress of the external archive by popping up the shell output of it.
     31* #62: when displaying attachments of a mail through the read window the keys 0-9 will directly load/act on the attachments 0-9. This should improve efficency in handling mails mit attachments.
     32* #72: URLs will be display underlined in the displayed mail text.
     35== YAM 2.9+ roadmap decisions ==