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Jul 6, 2013, 12:01:02 PM (7 years ago)
Jens Maus


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    3030* #55: functionality will be added to allow to show the progress of the external archive by popping up the shell output of it.
    3131* #62: when displaying attachments of a mail through the read window the keys 0-9 will directly load/act on the attachments 0-9. This should improve efficency in handling mails mit attachments.
    32 * #72: URLs will be display underlined in the displayed mail text.
     32* #72: YAM will be changed to display URLs in a mail text using underlined font style to comply with common standards on other platforms.
     33* #76: when deleting a mail YAM will respect the sorting order of the mail list and will be changed to select the correct mail afterwards.
     34* #78: when using the 'more' button in the filter configuration YAM will automatically jump to the bottom entry.
     35* #79: functionality will be added to allow to delete a filter rule not only from the bottom of the filter list but also in between.
     36* #84: To make the mail transfer window somewhat more verbose YAM will be changed to allow to display the To: header line of mails as well. This should then help to better/easily identify potentially spammed emails.
     37* #100: Printing emails will be improved so that a brief list of attachments will be printed under all circumstances.
     38* #