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Jul 7, 2013, 9:03:19 AM (7 years ago)
Jens Maus


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    3636* #84: To make the mail transfer window somewhat more verbose YAM will be changed to allow to display the To: header line of mails as well. This should then help to better/easily identify potentially spammed emails.
    3737* #100: Printing emails will be improved so that a brief list of attachments will be printed under all circumstances.
    38 * #
     38* #103: When dragging mail out of the spam folder YAM will take care to correctly 'unspam' a mail.
     39* #108: A NOICONS option will be added to the REQUESTFILE Arexx command to allow to omit display of icons in the ASL requester.
     40* #222: Mail folder directories will be moved to a subdir (MailDir:Folders) so that a proper order is maintained. In addition the functionality to set the path of a mail folder will be limited/removed and only a 'display name' and 'folder name' be mainted to identify the folder.
     41* #261: As soon as there is no active account the Get toolbar button will be disabled. In addition, if no outgoing mail is present the Sent Mail button will also be disabled.
     42* #284: YAM will be changed that it will automatically save the GUI layout upon exit. This also includes the column settings of the mail mail list and the folder list. Currently a user has to explicitly 'snapshot' the GUI layout via MUI's own functionality or via the folder list save mechanisms which is unintuitive. A new config page entry in the Start/Quit page will be added that will allow to disable this and revert to the old behaviour.
     43* #400,#230: YAM will get the functionality to define own standard folders (incoming, outgoing, etc.) based on the corresponding POP/IMAP account. This will allow to have different incoming folders and thus sort emails based on account.