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Jul 7, 2013, 10:43:40 AM (7 years ago)
Jens Maus


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    4141* #261: As soon as there is no active account the Get toolbar button will be disabled. In addition, if no outgoing mail is present the Sent Mail button will also be disabled.
    4242* #284: YAM will be changed that it will automatically save the GUI layout upon exit. This also includes the column settings of the mail mail list and the folder list. Currently a user has to explicitly 'snapshot' the GUI layout via MUI's own functionality or via the folder list save mechanisms which is unintuitive. A new config page entry in the Start/Quit page will be added that will allow to disable this and revert to the old behaviour.
     43* #291: when a search window or filter list is opened it will never be notified of any folder change happening in parallel (delete/create/rename). Thus, the search window or on similar situation it might be out of sync and not display the current state of affairs. This will be fixed.
     44* #298: The addressbook main list will be reworked to be able to quickly resort it by clicking on column titles.
     45* #311: The write window will be changed to show a short attachment list in the top right corner of the window so that attachments can be quickly added/removed without having to move to the second tab of the write window.
     46* #317: YAM will get an attachment reminder functionality. That means while writing an email YAM will monitor the input and if special words out of a user-definable list are found YAM will remind the user that he might need to add attachments before sending a mail. That should prevent sending out emails with missing attachments.
     47* #389: A not quite straight forwarded bug will be fixed which is caused by a bug in the all kind of AmigaOS related incarnations of the datatypes.library in combination with the image cache of YAM. A workaround will be introduced which will disable the internal image cache of YAM when 8bit screens are used because otherwise crashes occurs due to performed palette remappings.
    4348* #400,#230: YAM will get the functionality to define own standard folders (incoming, outgoing, etc.) based on the corresponding POP/IMAP account. This will allow to have different incoming folders and thus sort emails based on account.