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YAM Developer Summit 2014 (Fehmarn, Germany)

On the evening of September 15th and September 18th 2014 the two leading YAM developers Thore Böckelmann and Jens Maus met on Fehmarn, Germany. Besides general discussions about Amiga development and YAM one of the major goals of the meeting had been the finalize of the 2014/2015 development roadmap for YAM. This page should summarize information on the general consensus of this meeting so that users and interested developers can get an impression which future road YAM development will take.

General consensus/decisions

  • Progress on development of YAM 2.10 has substantially slowed down due to important dependencies and work that had to be invested into updating AmiSSL and MUI. Especially AmiSSL requires substantial attention due to the fact that the current official AmiSSL release is largely outdated (based on OpenSSL 0.9.7) and is partly incompatible when connecting to servers with newer certificates requiring newer OpenSSL features/algorithms. Work on AmiSSL itself is, however, progressing nicely and a new official version is expected to arrive before the official release of YAM 2.10 around christmas 2014.
    • While AmiSSL/YAM is not directly affected by the well-known 'heartbleed' OpenSSL bug, email providers have significantly updated their certificates which requires newer OpenSSL versions to be used.
    • During the last months several issues/reports came up which reported that SSL functionality is currently not working properly on older/slower m68k Amiga systems. This is caused by more complex cipher algorithms being required to connect to certain email providers as well as certain connection timeouts being tuned by mail providers like, or so that these slow systems cannot initialize these ciphers fast enough in time causing connection problems. While we are working on updating AmiSSL with newer OpenSSL kernels we more and more see that at some point old/slow m68k-based Amiga systems might not be used anymore so that support in YAM have to be abandoned one day.
  • One major change in YAM 2.10 (that has still to be implemented) will be some intermediate (limited) IMAP 'download' support which will allow to only download mails from IMAP servers quite similar to the POP3 protocol. However, as the IMAP protocol is quite complex and overwhelming full IMAP synchronization support is still expected to arrive with a final YAM 3.0 version. This 'IMAP download' support will hopefully provide basic functionality to at least download emails from IMAP servers with already prepared functionality to get full IMAP synchronization support ready anytime soon after YAM 2.10.
  • The introduction of transifex as the new official way to submit translations for YAM had been widely accepted and resulted into substantially improved localization support for YAM. More translator should be encourage to join this catalog translation effort.
  • The amount of regular donations has quite significantly stalled to a very low amount. Regular users of YAM should therefore be encouraged to regularly submit donations to the YAM project to ensure proper development also in future.

YAM 2.10 roadmap decisions

  • #7: A more intelligent analysis of subject lines will be implemented allowing to strip more reply and forward abbreviations like Re:/Fwd: where translated versions exist in different languages.
  • #50: YAM will be changed to allow to create two or more folders with the same name since internally there exist already a mechanism to identify folders by an internal ID
  • #73: YAM will be changed to allow drag&drop operations from a read window not only for single attachments but for a whole bunch of attachments
  • #134: A global 'Stop' button will be added to the main toolbar of YAM which will allow to abort different kind of background processing tasks (as far as this is possible).
  • #246: The main window display of YAM will allow to setup all main areas (folder list, mail list, embedded read pane) to be oriented completely vertically to each other. This will allow to setup YAM so that it can be run in fullscreen mode and take more reasonable space.
  • #383: YAM will get better support for editing redirected mails in the drafts folders.
  • #464: YAM will be changed to get an improved internal folder tree loading process which will allow to enhance the whole folder configuration/loading in future more easily.
  • #518: Removing attachments from stored emails will get an improved mechanism which will take care to not reencode the email and keep all parts untouched that are not necessary for removing attachments.
  • #529: The line wrapping functionality in the write window will be changed to only support soft-wrapping functionality instead of actually creating hard-wrapped emails on write out. That means YAM will always make sure to concatenate any lines in a write/edit window to the maximum allowed length and then the text editor will only do soft-wrapping to display it in the proper way the user wants emails to be displayed.
  • #548: YAM will try to expunge/free old catalogs before loading a new one. This will allow to update a catalog to a new version without having to restart the whole system.
  • #550,#562: The logging mechanism will be improved to mention the used email filter as well as mentioning no clear-text passwords at all.
  • #563: An emails' receive date will be used instead of the compose date when automatically deleting old emails.
  • #564: YAM will allow to save/export a configuration without storing any passwords in these configurations. This will allow to publish the configuration to bug trackers and fora without having remove passwort information by hand.
  • #583: YAM will get some very basic (and limited) IMAP 'download' support allowing to specify IMAP servers for actually downloading mails.