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     3== Development ==
     4The following pages are meant to provide an insight view on the development of YAM. So if you are YAM developer, and interested developer considering joining our team or if you just want to compile YAM yourself. You may be able to find valueable information here to do so.
     6== Source code access ==
     7As an open-source development effort, YAM is using a source code versioning system. We use the subversion (SVN) versioning tool and the SVN respository facilities provided by the trac engine this web site is running on. All latest, but also source code of older versions (back to version 2.2) are stored in this repository and are available to all interested developers.
     9Our SVN repository can be accessed either as an anonymous user, or as a registered YAM developer. You require a subversion (SVN) client, if  you don't already have one. SVN is available for AmigaOS compatible systems from AmiNET ( and should also be available for most Unix operating systems, easily available on *BSD systems. In addition, there are also clients available for Win32 and MacOS.
     11The following instructions on how to access our repository should be the bare-bones needed to get you started with YAM and SVN; this is not a SVN tutorial. However, there exists a very good online tutorial at and  there are many HOWTOs available on the web as well.