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    2626As usual, it is '''not''' guaranteed in any way, that the 'trunk' version will work for you properly. The 'trunk' of a SVN repository is always meant to carry highly experimental code which is not meant to be used on normal productive systems. It may break your current installation and may destroy data stored on your harddisks. On the other hand, downgrading may cause the same effect. And, maybe you will have to update your configuration files and/or images files aswell, which are probably not directly available through SVN. Please be always aware of that when you want to compile YAM yourself.
     28== Developer SVN access ==
     29If you are an official registered developer of the YAM project, you should also have write permissions to the SVN repository. Thus, you should be able to commit changes to it. For this, the above mentioned procedure is more or less the same, as you are also going to checkout the latest 'trunk' with the very same command:
     32svn checkout yam
     35However, for writing changes back to the repository, you have to use the 'commit' command of SVN.
     38cd <your 'yam copy>
     39svn commit
     42Similar to the above anonymous SVN description, the update of an already checked out version of the YAM sources can be update with:
     45cd <your 'yam' directory>
     46svn update