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     1== ADDRLOAD
     4     AddrLoad -- Load an address book from disk.  (V2.0)
     7     FILENAME/A
     10     Loads the specified address book from disk, replacing the
     11     current address book in RAM.
     14     FILENAME/A   - address book to be loaded
     17     RC is set to 10 if the filename cannot be opened.
     19     As of V2.4, this condition also triggers an error requester.
     22     Loading a new address book from disk does not count as a change
     23     in the address book itself, which means you won't be warned if
     24     you try to quit YAM after loading that file, and thus will lose
     25     the new information if you forget to save it.
     27     As of V2.4, YAM pays attention to the contents of the supplied file.
     28     If the file is not recognised as a valid address book, a requester
     29     will open to let the user select whether he wants it to be loaded
     30     as a list of email addresses where items can be specified as
     32      <> Real name
     34     or
     38     because names are optional.  YAM will automatically create aliases
     39     for the new items, and the command will not return until the
     40     requester is satisfied.
     43         /* Load an address book from disk */
     45         ADDRLOAD 'mail:addresslist'
     49'''SEE ALSO'''