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     1== MAILREAD
     4     MailRead -- Load the current message in the Read window.  (V2.0)
     10     Loads the current message into the Read window, or activates an
     11     already opened Read window to let other commands act upon it
     12     afterwards.
     15     VAR/K      - alternative variable to put the results into instead of RESULT\\
     16     STEM/K     - base name used for the stem where the returned data will be stored\\
     17     WINDOW/N   - change the command behavior to just activate an already opened Read window, possible values go between 0 and 3\\
     18     QUIET/S    - force the window to stay invisible\\
     21     VAR          - info returned by the command\\
     22     <STEM>WINDOW - number of the Read window now active, possible values go between 0 and 3\\
     24     RC is set to 10 if WINDOW is used with a value referring to an
     25     inexistant window or if another slot is asked but all of them
     26     are already taken.
     29     For all intents and purposes, the status of the "Multiple windows"
     30     flag in the Read configuration is irrelevant for this command.
     32     Window slots are dynamically assigned as they are required until
     33     all four are occupied, and remain in use until the relevant window
     34     is closed (an "invisible" Read window is also "open" within this
     35     context).  The optional WINDOW parameter sets the '''active''' Read window,
     36     upon which the [[rx_readclose| READCLOSE ]], [[rx_readinfo| READINFO ]], [[rx_readprint| READPRINT ]] and [[rx_readsave| READSAVE ]]
     37     commands will act when called; therefore, the MAILREAD command
     38     '''should''' be called before using any of them to ensure they act on
     39     the window that they are supposed to.  Note that manually activating
     40     a Read window using the GUI does '''not''' magically makes it the target
     41     of the above mentioned commands.
     46     The WINDOW input parameter was never honoured; this was fixed
     47     in V2.4.
     49'''SEE ALSO'''
     50     [[rx_readclose| READCLOSE ]]