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Request — Open a custom requester. (V1.3.3)




Opens a requester containing the supplied body and gadgets, and returns the choice taken by the user.


VAR/K - alternative variable to put the results into instead of RESULT (V2.0)
STEM/K - base name used for the stem where the result will be stored (V2.0)
BODY/A - a string containing the body of the requester
GADGETS/A - a string containing a vertical bar ("|") separated list of gadget labels


VAR - info returned by the query
<STEM>RESULT - number of the selected gadget; may be 0 for the rightmost gadget, 1 for the leftmost gadget, and 2..n for the second, etc. gadget from the left


Following the MUI specs, every gadget can have a shortcut by inserting a '_' (underscore) character in front of the character that should be used as shortcut. A default gadget can also be defined with a '*' (asterisk) character in front; the default gadget is activated when pressing the <Return> key.

Styles can also be used. See the MUI developer documentation for more info.

Please respect the Amiga User Interface Style Guide when creating requesters. For instance, the rightmost gadget will be triggered by the <Esc> key, and should always offer a safe way out.


/* Enable result codes *∧\ OPTIONS RESULTS

/* Prepare the text for our requester.
!* Here we have to escape the single '*' (asterisk) via
!* an additional asterisk sign because an asterisk is
!* a reserved character for ARexx itself
*∧\ body = '"Isn't YAM just great?"'
gadgets = '"**_Yeah!|_No way, Outlook rules!|_What is YAM?"'

/* Open a custom requester *∧\ REQUEST body gadgets