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    515515  Example: '%%'
     517== Lists ==
     518Columns, sizes, time unit, context menus
     520=== Field settings ===
     521`Folder list, Message list`
     522  Select the items you want to see in these lists.
     524  As of YAM 2.4, you can also have a context menu for both the folder and message lists.
     526=== General settings ===
     527`Use fixed font`
     528  It often makes more sense to use a non-proportional font since the display might become distorted with proportional fonts. Don't forget to specify the font of your choice in the 'TextEditor' module of YAM's MUI settings, under 'Fonts/fixed'.
     530`Time in Swatch Beats`
     531  Enable this option to display the time in Swatch Beats instead of the hours:minutes format.  This revolutionary unit of time, invented by Swatch, a Swiss watch manufacturer, divides the day in 1000 beats and abolishes the different time zones.  The meridian is Biel, a town located in Switzerland.
     533`Size format`
     534  This setting allows you to select the exact format of the sizes given in the message and folder lists, as well as the preselection window.
     536=== Status bar ===
     538  Allows you to select the position of the status bar, or even disable it completely.
     540  Example: Top
     543  The contents of the status bar.  Use the pop-up button at the right to select a variable for new, unread, etc. messages.
     545  Example: '- Total: %t New: %n Unread: %u'