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    545545  Example: '- Total: %t New: %n Unread: %u'
     547== Security ==
     548Encrypting mails with PGP
     550=== PGP ===
     551`PGP's directory`
     552  The famous (some people and authorities might even say notorious) programme PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) by Philip Zimmermann is used for encrypting, decrypting and digitally 'signing' messages. Please install PGP as described in PGP's manual and insert the full directory path of the PGP executable here. YAM recognizes automatically if you're using version 2.6 or 5.x.
     554  Example: 'Work:Programs/PGP/bin/'
     556`Your PGP key ID`
     557  If you want to sign messages with PGP, YAM needs the shortcut of your secret PGP key.  Click on the pop-up button and select your key. If YAM cannot find your PGP key, then either PGP is not installed correctly on your system, or you've specified the wrong path for the PGP executable.
     559  Example: 0x70804A7B
     561`Encrypt to self`
     562  Encrypting messages for a certain recipient has one disadvantage: you cannot read or edit the message any more after encryption. Activate this option to be able to read the message after encryption. YAM will enable you to do so by simply encrypting the mail using the recipient's key as well as your own.
     564=== Log files ===
     565`Log file path`
     566  YAM will save the log files to the path specified here. The format of log files is explained in the  Reference  chapter.
     568`Split log file`
     569  Switch this option on if you want YAM to create a new log file each month.  To distinguish the different files that will be created, YAM includes the date in the log file name, e.g. YAM-Jan98.log. If you'd like one big single log file, just leave this option deactivated.
     572  If you are not interested in having log files at all, select 'none'.  Select 'normal' to have only the important events like receiving/sending mail recorded.  In 'verbose' mode, YAM will log every transferred e-mail in detail.
     574`Log all events`
     575  Deactivate this option if you're only interested in logging events having to do with the mail transfer (sending/receiving).