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    808808  Below you can also see when exactly the last check was done.
     810= Hidden Configuration =
     812YAM recognises some extra parameters that are not mentioned in any configuration window.  You have to load the file .config into a text editor and alter the parameters in the Advanced section by hand.
     815  Usually the first part of a multipart letter contains the actual message, while the subsequent parts are the attachments.  A few mail servers, like GeoCities, use the first part for their advertisements, which would then be quoted in a reply instead of the actual message.  With the LetterPart option you can correct this.
     817  Example: 'LetterPart = 2'
     820  If the contents of a folder are altered, YAM must rebuild the index.  This index is in RAM memory, and it is saved back to the hard disk on a normal exit.  In the event that the computer has to be rebooted (because of a crash, perhaps), YAM has to rebuild the indices on startup.  Therefore, YAM will save alterations to the index file at intervals of 120 seconds.  This time interval can be altered using the WriteIndexes option.
     822  Example: 'WriteIndexes = 30'
     825  While you're writing a message, YAM saves the contents of the editor every ten minutes as .autosave0.txt or .autosave1.txt in the program directory.  After a crash you can load this file using "Text/Insert".  The AutoSave parameter contains the time interval between two backups, in seconds.
     827  Example: 'AutoSave = 600'
     830  This is the address of the YAM homepage, used to access the user picture gallery and to request the version check.
     832  Example: 'SupportSite ='
     835  If this option is set to 'Y', YAM will jump to the first new or unread message whenever you select a folder.
     837  Example: 'JumpToNewMsg = N'
     840  If this option is set to 'Y', YAM will jump to the first new or unread message whenever you download new email.  This only comes into effect if 'Incoming' is the current folder.
     842  Example: 'JumpToIncoming = N'
     845  If this option is set to 'N', YAM won't ask if you want to jump to the next/previous folder with unread messages if you are reading the last or first message and select any of the Next/Previous unread message items in the Navigation menu.
     847  Example: 'AskJumpUnread = N'
     850  YAM does some printer checking before printing a message.  This test can be disabled because it's not fully compatible with some printer drivers.
     852  Example: 'PrinterCheck = N'
     855  If you're using Miami or AmiTCP/Genesis, YAM can check if your Amiga is really online.  If you're using another TCP/IP software and YAM is claiming a missing connection although you're actually online, then you must switch this option off.
     857  Example: 'IsOnlineCheck = N'
     860  Specifies which Miami Deluxe/AmiTCP/Genesis interface should be used for the online check (see IsOnlineCheck).
     862  Example: 'IOCInterface = ppp1'
     865  If this option is enabled, YAM will ask for confirmation whenever you try to quit it.  By default, YAM only asks for confirmation if there is some unsaved data (configuration, address book).
     867  Example: 'ConfirmOnQuit = Y'
     870  This can be used to hide some elements of the graphic user interface. The following values can be combined: 4 for the toolbars, 2 for the cursor position in the editor, and 1 for the status bar.
     872  Please note that as of YAM 2.4, the status bar is not affected by this setting anymore, but it is now set in Configuration/Lists.
     874  Example: 'HideGUIElements = 3'
     877  This is the ISO name of the character set you're using on your computer.  The default iso-8859-1 (Latin-1) works for Western Europe and English speaking countries.  Polish and Russian users probably have to adjust this option.
     879  Example: 'LocalCharset = iso-8859-2'
     882  Sets the stack size for programs which are launched from YAM (e.g. MIME viewers and PGP).
     884  Example: 'StackSize = 40000'