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    134134  Example Yes
     136== New mail ==
     137Controlling the way mail is downloaded.
     139=== Download ===
     141  After establishing a link with the POP3 server, a  preselection window may open showing a list of all new mail in the POP3 mailbox.  This allows you to decide whether to download, delete or leave a message on the server, according to its size, topic or sender. For pre-selection to work properly, the server must support the TOP command which most of them do.
     143  //never//: pre-selection is deactivated\\
     144  //large messages//: only messages bigger than a size defined by you will be displayed in pre-selection\\
     145  //always//: every message will be displayed in pre-selection\\
     146  //always, only sizes//: all messages will be displayed but only their sizes will be shown.  The advantage of this method is that it is pretty fast.
     148  Example: always
     150`Size limit`
     151  If pre-selection is activated, messages which exceed the size given here will be highlighted.  This way you can avoid downloading messages with huge attachments.  The size is given in kilobytes. If you don't want to use any limit, just insert '0'.
     153  In everyday use, the settings 'pre-selection = large messages' and 'size limit=100 kB' have proved to be advantageous.  With these settings, the pre-selection window will only appear if at least one of the new messages exceeds 100 kilobytes in size. 
     155  Example: 100
     157`Transfer window`
     158  Here you can decide if you want to see the  transfer window  while receiving or sending mail.  With //automatic// it only opens if you manually initialize the transfer, staying closed while YAM automatically checks for new mail.
     160  Example: never
     162`Avoid duplicates`
     163  If you choose not to have YAM delete the mail on the server after downloading, it will be downloaded again next time YAM gets your mail, so every message will appear twice in your mail folder.  To prevent this, switch the Avoid duplicates option on -- as long as this option is activated, YAM will keep track of all your downloaded messages in the .uidl file and use special commands of the POP3 server to avoid downloading the same message twice. If the POP3 server supports these UIDL commands, this check will be done rather quickly.  If the server doesn't support these commands, YAM will try to read the Message-ID using the TOP command instead of the UIDL commands.  In case the mail server doesn't support any of these commands, this option must be turned off.
     165  Example: Yes
     167`Update message status`
     168  If this option is activated, new messages in the 'Incoming' folder will be marked as 'unread' before downloading new mail.  This way you can instantly recognize the new mail that was downloaded the last time you've fetched mail.
     170  Example: Yes