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    373373`Multiple windows`
    374374  With this option selected, each message which you choose to read will open its own Read window.
     376== Write ==
     377Headers, stock phrases and editor settings
     379=== Message Header ===
     380`Reply to`
     381  Normally this field should remain empty. The default Reply-To address is your e-mail address.  If you want to use a different address, then (AND ONLY THEN!!) you should insert that address here.  Alternatively, you can use the pop-up button to open the address book window, and then drag an entry from there into this field.
     383  Example:
     386  If you want the name of your organization, school, club or whatever to appear in a header of your message, insert it here.
     388  Example:  Doe Donut Production Ltd.
     390`Extra headers`
     391  If for some reason you need to add one or more special extra lines to the headers of your mail, you can insert these header lines here. If you would like to insert several lines, separate them by inserting '\n'.
     393  PLEASE DON'T use this feature unless you have enough knowledge of the structure of Internet email.
     395  Example: 'Content-Language: uk\nKeywords: Pattern, YAM, Internet'
     397=== Message Body ===
     398`Welcome phrase`
     399  YAM will insert this text at the beginning of every new message you write (except for answers and forwarded messages). You can define a line break by inserting '\n'.
     401  Example: 'Hello,\n'
     403`Closing phrase`
     404  This text will be inserted at the end of every new message you write, just before the signature separator.  You can insert a line break with '\n'.
     406  Example: 'Kind regards\n\nJohn Doe'
     408`Warn when there's an empty subject line`
     409  Activate this option to let YAM warn you any time you try to send an email with an empty subject line.  This may be the case when sending email to mailing list managers and other automated services, but it is generally considered as bad taste to use an empty subject line when posting to a mailing list.  If you seldom use empty subject lines or you use to forget to fill in this field, you might want to use this option.
     411=== Editor ===
     412`Word wrap`
     413  When you save a newly written message, it will be formatted to make sure that no line has more characters than the value specified here. You can also decide whether YAM will insert line breaks as you type or if this should be postponed until you send the message.  In the first case, the internal editor will insert line break codes while you're typing the message.  This way you avoid unwanted surprises when the text is formatted later on saving the message, but on the other hand, any subsequent insertion or deletion of text might be a little less comfortable.
     415  Example: 76
     417`External editor`
     418  If you do not like the internal editor and wish to use another one (thereby forgoing automatic spell checking, text styles and glossary), you can insert its name here.  Remember to insert the full path for the editor, and maybe an appropriate command line option.
     420  Examples: 'C:Ed'
     422`Launch immediately`
     423  Activate this option if you would like the external editor to be launched automatically as soon as you start creating a new message.  By doing so you won't have to click on the [Editor] button in the Write window.
     425`Email cache`
     426  YAM can cache on disk a certain number of the most recent recipients used when writing a new email, if those recipients aren't already in your address book. This may improve the performance of the automatic name completer, especially if your address book is rather brief and you often find yourself having to type your recipient's name and address.
     428  If the hit ratio of the email cache is very low in your everyday use, you might want to turn it off completely by selecting zero mails.