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    488488`Strip signature`
    489489  Activate this option to avoid quoting the signature (since you'll delete the signature anyway in most cases).  This option will work only when the signature in the quoted message is separated from the actual message by the standard '-- ' separator, that is, two dashes AND a space.
     491== Signature ==
     492You can define and use one standard and upto two alternative signatures within YAM (e.g. one signature for private email and another one for business). Clicking on the cycle button in the upper left corner of the window you can display and edit the signatures in the small text editor window below.
     494`Use signature`
     495  If this option is activated, a signature will be inserted at the end of each message you write.
     498`Edit in external editor`
     499  Click this button to open the external editor you have defined in Configuration/Write/External editor to edit the signature currently selected.
     501`Insert random tagline`
     502  Click this button to insert the '%t' variable at the actual cursor position in the editor.  When processing a new message, YAM will replace this variable with a random tagline from the taglines file.
     504`Insert ENV:Signature`
     505  Click this button to insert the variable '%e' at the current cursor position in the editor.  YAM will replace this variable with the contents of the 'SIGNATURE' environment variable while creating a new message.  This way it is possible to have random values automatically inserted into the signature, like the date, the actual temperature, the time, your weight or whatever...
     507`Tagline file`
     508  The tagline database contains taglines, little poems or other very important and witty pieces of wisdom which can be selected randomly and be inserted into the signature. There are collections of thousands of these taglines on Aminet.
     510  Example: 'PROGDIR:.taglines'
     512`Tagline separator`
     513  Since a tagline can consist of several actual lines, the single entries in the tagline file have to be separated from each other. Insert the string that is used for separating one tagline from another in your tagline file into this text field.
     515  Example: '%%'