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    609609`Remove deleted mail`
    610610  Switch this on to make YAM empty the 'Deleted' folder when closing down.
     612== MIME ==
     613Configure MIME viewers for attachments.
     615=== MIME viewers ===
     616The program selected by default to display attachments is MultiView. Messages in  MIME format  contain a field called Content-Type in which the type of the encoded file is specified.  You can define a different program to process every single type of file.  This is important for users who do not want to use MultiView for processing images and sound files, or for processing file types not yet supported by datatypes. Click New to configure a display program, or use Delete to delete an entry.
     618In addition, new file types defined here are also taken into account when composing a new message.  For instance, if a new attachment type "application/pgs" is defined for filenames ending in ".pgs", YAM will automatically use this MIME type when attaching files that bear this extension.
     620`Attachment type`
     621  This is the type of the actual entry, and corresponds to the Content-Type field contained in the message.  You can select one from the pop-up list or use AmigaDOS wildcards, e.g. 'image/#?' to use the programme for a whole class of file types.
     623  Example: 'image/jpeg'
     626  Filename extension for the file type.  This extension allows YAM to assign the correct "Content-Type:" field for a file.
     628  Example: 'jpg jpeg jfif'
     631  Choose the program you'd like to use to display the attachment. Do not forget to insert a "%s" into the command line, which will be replaced by the filename when processing.
     633  Example: 'TOOLS:Gfx/ViewJPG "%s"'
     635`Default viewer`
     636  This viewer will be used if the attachment doesn't match any of the user defined types (see above).
     638  Example: 'SYS:Utilities/MultiView "%s" SCREEN'
     640`Identify binary attachments`
     641  Some mail clients always use application/octet-stream as the "Content-Type:" field for binary attachments.  To still show such attachments with the correct program, YAM can search the viewer list based on the file name extension of the attached file (see Extension above).