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    654654  Example: Work:Data/Out
     656== Address book ==
     657Visible columns, personal data exchange
     659=== Colums ===
     660Select the items you want to see in the address book.
     662=== Personal data exchange ===
     663`Add personal info`
     664  Check this option to create special message headers containing personal data like your postal address, phone number, homepage, date of birth or URL of your picture.  If the recipient works with YAM too, (s)he will able to create an address book entry and fill it with your data.  To get this working, add an entry to your address book containing your data (YAM will find your entry based on the e-mail address).
     666`Save sender's address`
     667  YAM can automatically save the sender's address when you're reading a message, i.e. it will create a new entry in the address book.  Choose one of these modes:
     669  //never// Don't save addresses
     670  //if info available; ask// You'll only be asked if there's personal data of the sender available, otherwise the address won't be saved
     671  //ask before// You'll be asked every time whether the address should be saved or not
     672  //if info available// The address will be saved automatically if there's personal data of the sender available
     673  //always// All new addresses will be saved automatically
     675`Group for new entries`
     676  Alias of the group that will contain the new address book entries created by the previous option.  The group will be created if it doesn't exist yet.
     678  Example:  NEW
     680`Save photos in`
     681  The pictures of the senders are stored here.
     683  Example:  PROGDIR:Gallery
     685`URL of your picture`
     686  If one exists, enter here the WWW address (URL) of a small photo of yourself.  The URL will be listed along with the headers of every outgoing message if 'Add personal info' is enabled.
     688  Example: ``
     690`HTTP Proxy server`
     691  If you're behind a firewall and only get into the Internet using a proxy server, then you have to enter here the address of that proxy server, otherwise it won't be possible to download photos or get information about new versions of YAM.
     693  Example: