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    170170  Example: Yes
     172=== Automatic operation ===
     173`Check for new mail every [xx] minutes`
     174  Here you can specify a time interval after which YAM will automatically recheck your mail server for new mail.  To deactivate this option, simply select zero.
     176  Example: 15 minutes
     178`Download large messages`
     179  Whenever new mail is downloaded automatically (every x minutes or using ARexx), the selection window won't pop up since the user is likely to be working with another program at the time, or not in front of the computer at all.  Mails exceeding the size limit won't be downloaded and will remain on the server if this option is not activated.
     181  Example: No
     183=== Notification ===
     185  Once YAM has downloaded new mail, it will display a requester showing the number of new and deleted messages.
     187  Example: Yes
     190  Once YAM has downloaded new mail, it will play a sound file.  The datatypes library is used for playing, so the sound file can be of any format (like AIFF or WAVE), as long as you have installed the appropriate datatypes.  Click the small arrow (PLAY symbol) to test the sound.
     192  Example: Data:Audio/Newmail.snd
     195  This is a program to be executed when new mail arrives.  Insert the command as you'd do at a command line interface.  If it is an Arexx script, you have to put the 'RX' command in front of the name of the script.
     197  Example: RX PROGDIR:rexx/Newmail.YAM