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    308308`Don't download`
    309309  If this option is activated, any message matching the search pattern will not be downloaded from the mail server. You can use a remote filter together with this option if several people share the same POP3 account.
     311== Spam ==
     312Setup of the spam filter.
     314`Activate spam filter`
     315  Activates the spam filter, believe it or not :)
     317`Reset Spam training data`
     318  Resets the Spam training data. Should only be necessary in rare circumstances.
     320`Check new mail for spam content`
     321  Automatically checks new mail for spam content.
     323`Addressbook whitelisted`
     324  If a mail has an From: address that exist in your addressbook, it will never be considered as spam.
     326`Mark mail as spam when moved to Spam folder`
     327  Any mail that is manually moved to the Spam folder are automatically marked as spam.
     329`Mark new spam as read`
     330  This option will automatically mark new spam mails as read.
     332`Move 'Not Spam' back to 'Incoming'`
     333  Will move mails that has been wrongfully detected as spam or mails that have manually been marked as 'Not Spam' back to 'Incoming' folder.
     335`Apply filters`
     336  Applies all your defined filters to mail that is moved back to the 'Incoming' folder.