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    395395'''Edit/Search again'''
    398      Opens the [[Windows/Writewindow#FixGlossary| Glossary ]] window.
     399     Opens the Glossary window.
     401     YAM's Glossary acts as a place to collect blocks of text which you 
     402     may use fairly frequently, such as templates for letters, greeting 
     403     phrases or frequently asked questions.  The text can be as long as 
     404     desired, extending over several lines.  Using the '''Edit/Glossary''' menu 
     405     item or the <RAmiga-D> shortcut you can go straight from the 
     406     [[Windows/Writewindow#FixEdit| internal editor ]] into the glossary.  Each entry has a name (e.g. "ys" 
     407     for "Yours sincerely") which you can see in the left-hand part of the 
     408     window.  Click on the name and you can edit the entry in the right-hand 
     409     side of the window.  A double click on the name pastes the text block at 
     410     the current cursor position and then closes the window.
     412     '''''Function of the buttons''''' 
     414     `New`
     415     Creates a new entry in the glossary. 
     417     `Add selection`
     418     Creates a new entry in the glossary using the block marked in the 
     419     text editor.  If no block is currently marked, YAM will try to 
     420     paste the contents of the clipboard. 
     422     `Delete`
     423     Deletes the selected entry from the glossary. 
     425     `Paste`
     426     Pastes the highlighted entry into the text editor, at the current 
     427     cursor position. 
    476505'''Options/Delete after sending?'''
     506     Activate this option if you want the message to be deleted right
     507     after being transmitted, instead of being copied to the 'Sent'
     508     folder.
    478510'''Options/Return receipt?'''
    480512'''Options/Add personnal information?'''
     513     Check this option to create a special '''X-SenderInfo:''' header
     514     containing personal data like your postal address, phone number,
     515     homepage, date of birth or URL of your picture.  If the recipient
     516     works with YAM too, (s)he will be able to create an address book
     517     entry and fill it with your data.  To get this to work, add an
     518     entry in your address book containing your data (YAM will find
     519     your entry based on the email address).  If one exists, enter
     520     the WWW address of a small photo of yourself in the "address book"
     521     section of the configuration.
    482523'''Options/Importance >>  High | Normal | Low'''
     524     Specify here how important the message is for the recipient.
     525     Messages noted as important will usually be displayed with an
     526     exclamation mark in the status line and put into first place by
     527     automatic mail sorting.  The level of importance is stored in
     528     the '''Importance:''' header.
    484530'''Options/Signature >>  No signature'''
     531    Here you can replace the standard signature by one of the alternative
     532    signatures, or switch it off completely for this message.
    486534'''Options/Security >>  None | Sign | Encrypt | Sign and encrypt | Default'''
     535    Select here which security measures you want to take for this message.
     537      none: Normal mail transfer.\\
     538      sign: The message will be signed with your PGP public key and saved in multipart/signed format.  The text of the message will be readable without PGP.\\
     539      encrypt: The message will be encrypted using the recipient's PGP key and saved in multipart/encrypted format.\\
     540      sign and encrypt: This is a combination of the two previous options, allowing the recipient to check the sender's identity.\\
     541      send anonymously: The mail will be sent using an ANON service, so the sender will stay anonymous.\\
     542      default: The mail will use whatever security measures have been selected for this recipient in the address book, or "none" if this recipient cannot be found there.\\
     544    Further information about PGP and security issues can be found in the
     545    [[What is e-mail#FixPgp| PGP ]] and [[Configuration#FixSecurity| Configuration/Security ]] chapters.
    488547'''Options/Fixed font?'''