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    485485     be able to send you messages signed and/or encrypted with PGP.
     487== Read window ==
     490=== Message menu ===
     493     Sends the current message to the message editor.  This option
     494     is only available for "Outgoing mail"-like folders.
     498     Moves the current message to a different folder.
     502     Creates a copy of the current message.  With the exception of the
     503     filename, the copy is identical to the original.
     507     Deletes the current message and loads the next one into the Read
     508     window.  Unless the option '''Remove messages immediately''' is enabled
     509     in the [[Configuration#FixMisc| Miscellaneous ]] configuration settings, the message is
     510     actually moved into the '''Deleted''' folder, from which it can be
     511     recovered if needed.  The <Del> key works as a convenient keyboard
     512     shortcut, while <Shift-Del> forces an immediate (irreversible)
     513     deletion, no matter which configuration settings are in use.
     517     Sends the current message, or a part of it, to the printer.  A
     518     requester opens to let you choose whether to print the original
     519     message without decoding (raw format), print the decoded text as
     520     diplayed, or print an attached text file.  Note that you cannot
     521     print binary data such as graphics; for that purpose you must use
     522     the relevant print option in the appropriate [[Configuration#FixMime| MIME viewer ]].
     526     Saves the current message or a part of it to your hard disk,
     527     floppy, etc.  Again a requester appears to let you choose whether
     528     to save the message in raw format, the decoded message (as it
     529     appears in the Read window), or to save one of the attached files.
     532'''Message/Attachments >>  Display...'''
     533     Displays the current message or part of it using the MIME viewer
     534     selected in the [[Configuration#FixMime| MIME configuration ]].  You can choose whether to
     535     display the message in raw format (to check for errors) or to view
     536     one of the attached files.  If nothing happens, check the settings
     537     for MIME viewers in the configuration.
     540'''Message/Attachments >>  Save all...'''
     541     Saves all the files attached to the current message to the
     542     directory you select.
     545'''Message/Attachments >>  Crop'''
     546     Deletes all the attached files for the current message in order to
     547     save disk space.  '''BEWARE:''' these files are not sent to the '''Deleted'''
     548     folder, so be sure that you don't want to keep any of them!  This
     549     function only applies to messages in [[What is e-mail#FixMime| MIME format ]].  A notice is
     550     added to the end of the message about the removed files.
     554     Opens the [[Window write| Write window ]] so you can compose a new message.
     558     Use this to reply to the current message.  Subject and recipient
     559     fields are filled in automatically and the original message is
     560     quoted, unless the [[Configuration#FixReplyForward| Reply ]] configuration settings say otherwise.
     564     Use this to forward the contents of the message to another
     565     recipient.  The subject and the message body are automatically
     566     copied and a new message header is created.  The text for
     567     forwarding defined in the [[Configuration#FixReplyForward| Reply ]] configuration is inserted in the
     568     message.
     572     Use this to send the original, unaltered message to another
     573     recipient.  The only changes made are to enter a new '''To:''' header
     574     while YAM adds a couple of '''Resent:''' headers based on the original
     575     "To:" header.  The text for forwarded messages (as defined in the
     576     configuration) is not used here.
     579'''Message/Save address...'''
     580     The address of the sender (or the recipient, depending on the type
     581     of folder) of the current message is added to your [[Window addressbook| address book ]].
     582     If the message has multiple recipients, you have the option of
     583     creating a new distribution list.
     586'''Message/Set status'''
     587     Lets you change the status of the current message to >>
     588     Marked | Unmarked | Read | Unread | Hold | Queued | Spam | No Spam
     591'''Message/Change subject...'''
     592     This lets you change the subject of the current message, so you
     593     can amend uninformative "Subject:" headers on some messages you have
     594     received.  The original subject is saved in a '''X-Original-Subject:'''
     595     header, to facilitate following a thread back.
     598=== Navigation menu ===
     601'''Navigation/Next message'''
     602     This displays the next message, i.e. the one below the current
     603     message in the main window.  Shortcut: <cursor right>
     606'''Navigation/Previous message'''
     607     This displays the previous message, i.e. the one above the current
     608     message in the main window.  Shortcut: <cursor left>
     611'''Navigation/Next unread message'''
     612     This displays the next unread message below the current message in
     613     the main window.  If there are no more unread messages below the
     614     current message in the current folder but there is some in one of
     615     the following folders, you will be notified about it and asked if
     616     you want to jump to that folder and continue reading there.
     617     Shortcut: <Shift-cursor right>
     620'''Navigation/Previous unread message'''
     621     This displays the previous unread message above the current
     622     message in the main window.  If there are no more unread messages
     623     above the current message in the current folder but there is some
     624     in one of the previous folders, you will be notified about it and
     625     asked if you want to jump to that folder and continue reading
     626     there.  Shortcut: <Shift-cursor left>
     629'''Navigation/Next message in thread'''
     630     This displays the message which replies to the current message.
     631     This allows you to e.g. follow a dialogue between yourself and
     632     another person, regardless of what other messages are there.
     633     However, please note that to find the reply in a different folder,
     634     YAM must load the index files for all the folders, and this can
     635     take a while.  YAM compares the [[What is e-mail#FixHeader| Message-ID ]] header of the current
     636     message with the ''In-Reply-To:'' header of the other messages.  If no
     637     answer can be found, the screen will flash briefly.
     640'''Navigation/Previous message in thread'''
     641     Loads the message to which the current message is replying (see
     642     the item above).
     645=== PGP menu ===
     648'''PGP/Extract public key(s)'''
     649     If the sender of the current message has attached his
     650     [[What is e-mail#FixPgp| public PGP key ]], you can copy this to your "key ring".  You can
     651     then use this if this person sends you any encrypted message.
     654'''PGP/Check PGP signature'''
     655     Verifies the signature of the current message.  This works only
     656     with PGP signed messages and serves to ensure that the message has
     657     not been tampered with and is really from the sender it claims to
     658     be.
     661'''PGP/Save decrypted message'''
     662     On the grounds of security, a [[What is e-mail#FixPgp| PGP encrypted ]] message is saved to
     663     the hard disk as it stands.  To open it, you have to use the key
     664     each time.
     666     You can use this menu item to save the decrypted message to the
     667     hard disk, overwriting its PGP encrypted counterpart.
     670=== Settings menu ===
     672These choices only apply to the current session; when you open a new
     673Read window, the [[Configuration#FixRead| Read ]] configuration settings are used.
     676'''Settings/No headers | Short headers | Full headers'''
     677     Use these to select how much header information you want to see in
     678     the Read window.
     681'''Settings/No sender info | Data fields only | Data and image'''
     682     This selects how much of the information saved in your [[Window addressbook| address book ]]
     683     about the sender is to be displayed.
     686'''Settings/Wrap headers'''
     687     Choose whether to show a long header on one line or to break it
     688     across two or more.  In the former case you will need to use the
     689     horizontal scrollbar in order to see all the information.
     693     YAM will use the characters '_', '/', '*' and '#' to render
     694     underlined, italic, bold and colored text respectively.  For
     695     certain documents, such as source code, this can complicate things
     696     as some characters will be suppressed.  Thus, you have the choice
     697     of temporarily switch the rendering of text styles on or off.