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    697697     of temporarily switch the rendering of text styles on or off.
     700== Address book ==
     702'''Address book/New'''
     703     Starts a new address book; all existing entries of the address book
     704     currently resident in RAM will be deleted.  '''CAUTION:''' Save your old
     705     address book with another name before selecting this option!!
     708'''Address book/Open...'''
     709     Opens an existing address book from your hard disk.  The address
     710     book currently resident in RAM will be replaced.
     712     If you try opening a file that does not seem to be a valid YAM
     713     address book, you will be offered the chance to load it as a list
     714     of email addresses, with one address per line.  Items can be
     715     specified as
     717      <> Real name
     719     or
     723     because names are optional.  YAM will automatically create aliases
     724     for the new items.
     727'''Address book/Append...'''
     728     Loads another address book from your hard disk and appends its
     729     contents to the address book currently resident in RAM.  See
     730     also the previous option.
     733'''Address book/Save'''
     734     Saves the address book to your hard disk.
     737'''Address book/Save as...'''
     738     Saves the address book with a name of your choice so you can keep
     739     several different address book files.
     742'''Address book/Find...'''
     743     Searches the address book for a certain string.  See [[Window addressbook#FixToolbar| TOOLBAR ]]/Find
     744     for more info.
     747'''Address book/Print...'''
     748     Prints the whole address book.  Select '''Short format''' to print a
     749     single line for each entry, or '''Long format''' for a more verbose
     750     printout, needing several lines for each entry.
     753'''Entry/New person...'''
     754'''Entry/New distribution list...'''
     755'''Entry/New group...'''
     756     They open the [[Window addressbook#FixEdit| Edit address window ]] to add a new entry to the
     757     address book.  The appearance of the window depends on the type
     758     of entry.
     762     The selected entry can be modified in the [[Window addressbook#FixEdit| Edit address window ]].
     766     Duplicates the selected entry.  The alias will be adjusted
     767     automatically.
     771     Deletes the selected entry from the address book.
     775     Prints the selected entry immediately.  (Who would have guessed it?
     776     ;) ).
     780     Sorts the address book by alias, last name, first name,
     781     description or e-mail address.  Please note that 'First name' is
     782     related to the first word in the 'Full name' text field while
     783     'Last name' is related to the last word in this text field.