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The following pages are explaining the use of YAM based on the different windows it presents to the user during its use.

Drag & Drop

Like many modern programmes, YAM supports drag&drop. This means that you can grab an object with the left mouse button and drop it over another object by releasing the mouse button to trigger some operation.

YAM supports the following drag&drop operations:

Source Destination Operation
Message list Recipient field Extract recipient from message
Message list Attachment list Add message as attachment
Message list Folder list Move messages
Folder list Folder list Rearrange folders
Attachment list Attachment list Rearrange attachments
Address book Address book Rearrange address book entries
Address book Recipient field Get recipient from address book
Address book Editor window Insert address in letter
Address book Member list Add members to distribution list
Member list Member list Rearrange list members
Text file Editor window Insert file in letter
Text file Attachment list Add file as attachment
Text file AppIcon Use file as text in new message
Binary file AppIcon Use file as attachment in new message
Binary file Editor window Add file as attachment
Binary file Attachment list Add file as attachment