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    2929This password has nothing to do with the password for your mail accounts. It is just for logging into YAM. Without any password for a single user YAM will start up without any interruption. With multiple users you first have to select the user and then enter the optional password.
     31== I want to migrate to YAM, but I don't want to lose the mails in my current e-Mail application. How?  ==
     32Well, the answer isn't that straight forward and highly depends on the application you are currently using. However, YAM allows to import mails from various mailbox formats:
     34* MBOX - The 'unfortunatly' famous mbox format is the common format, mails were maintained on UNIX operating systems. It was the defacto standard for mail storage until the successor 'maildir' was invented. YAM >= 2.4 should be able to import mbox mail files and allows to extract all mails separatly from them.
     35* MAILDIR - maildir files contain a single mail per file whereas YAM >= 2.4 should be able to import those files.
     36* OutlookExpress Mailbox Files (*.dbx)
     38This should sum up for YAM being able to import mail files/data from the following list of e-mail applications (partly depending on the format those clients can export mails):
     40* SimpleMail
     41* Thunderbird
     42* KMail
     43* Outlook Express
     45And any further applications that allows to export mails in the various mailbox formats mentioned above. You just have to first export the mails from your old application (either by an explicit export operation or via direct access to the mailbox files) and then use the 'Import' functionality in YAM.