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    1111So we currently don't really see a possibility or reason to port YAM to any other GUI system available to AmigaOS-based computer systems. MUI is still the most advanced, flexible and available GUI toolkit for any Amiga platform.
     13== Will YAM ever be ported to other non-Amiga platforms like MacOSX, Linux or Windows? ==
     14The only sensible answer to that question can unfortunately be: **No.**
     16There are several reasons that prevent YAM from being easily ported to any non-Amiga like platform such as MacOSX, Linux or Windows:
     18* YAM is deeply using the AmigaOS programming interface which is not common or available any other platform which is not derived from AmigaOS.
     19* YAM is using Magic User Interface (MUI) as the graphical user interface API and therefore MUI have to be first ported as well to get YAM running at all. And this won't happen as well, too. Especially because MUI is still a closed source project.
     20* The great Arexx functionality in YAM isn't portable to any other platform as well as there doesn't exist any real Arexx functionality on other non-Amiga platforms.
     21* Last but not least, there is no real 'market' for yet another email client on those more modern and more frequently used systems. Where on AmigaOS there are currently only 2 email clients available, platforms like MacOSX, Linux or Windows have probably a dozen different mail clients whereas the majority is still more advanced than YAM.
     23So, to sum it up: The only way to get YAM running on a non-Amiga platform is to either use an Amiga emulator suite, e.g. WinUAE or UAE because it isn't possible to port YAM to anything that hasn't AmigaOS as its root.
    1325== Why does YAM complain about a wrong version of a MUI custom class (e.g. NList.mcc)? ==