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     3= [wiki:"Installing YAM" Installing YAM] =
     6== How do I correctly set up several users in YAM? ==
     7YAM is able to handle multiple users, each of them with their own mail accounts. To accomplish this go to the "Settings" menu and select the "Users..." item.
     9In the users window you can create new users. Each user must have its own mail directory to avoid conflicts. The best approach is to keep YAM's own data (program, catalogs, etc) apart from user stuff. That means you should have seperate directories for this, e.g. "YAM:" for all YAM related stuff, and "Mail:" for all the mails.
     12You want to have two users, named "foo" and "bar". Each of these must have its own mail directory. Normally the first user (foo) already exists, because that's the basic user to run YAM. So only "bar" needs to be set up.
     14Create a new user, fill in the real name and optionally a password. The mail directory should be set to "Mail:bar". All the personal stuff of user "bar" will go there: mails, personal address book, spam filter training data, etc. The other settings can be configured as you like. Close the window and restart YAM - it will now prompt you for which user you want to run YAM. All the personal stuff of user "bar" will now end up in "Mail:bar". More users are created in the very same way.
     16__PLEASE NOTE:__
     17There also seems to be a lot of confusion about the MAILDIR tooltype. This one can be used very efficiently with more than one user. Just create as many project icons as necessary and set the default tool to "YAM:YAM" (or whatever YAM's executable is named). Additionally set the tooltypes USER and MAILDIR to the corresponding user name and mail directory. According to the example above you would have two project icons. The first one (named "YAM foo" for example) would have these tooltypes:
     20  USER=foo
     21  MAILDIR=Mail:foo
     24The second one would look like this:
     27  USER=bar
     28  MAILDIR=Mail:bar
     31And one more example:
     34  USER=John Doe
     35  PASSWORD=johnspassword
     36  MAILDIR=Mail:johnsmaildir
     39Please remember to specifiy the complete user name for the USER tooltype.
     41Clicking on the icons will start YAM without further login questions for the desired used.