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    4444If you get mail from multiple e-mail accounts, but use only one of them to send mail, then setup your e-mail accounts in the TCP/IP - POP3 section of the configuration. YAM can check up to 16 accounts (in YAM 2.6+ even unlimited) automatically. If more than one person is using YAM for his/her email, or if you need to send messages from different e-mail addresses, then go to 'Settings/Users' main menu entry and add a user account for each of them. If only a single person is using YAM but has multiple email adresses you can use the new multi-identity feature available in YAM 2.8+.
     46== YAM 2.5 requires newlib.library v52.20 or newer but I don't seem to have it. Where do I get that latest version? ==
     47Since version 2.5, a PowerPC (PPC) native version of YAM for AmigaOS4 is supplied. The binary however does require the user to have the July Update of AmigaOS4 Final to be installed. This update can be normally obtained via the website of Hyperion Entertainment (
     49So in case YAM pops up a requester reminding you that it requires a newer newlib.library version, please make sure that you really have the very latest AmigaOS4 update properly installed for your hardware platform. And please note that newlib.library is an integral part of AmigaOS4 and not available seperately or for other platforms.