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    9292We are looking forward to receive your translations.
     94== Mail reading ==
     96=== Why are some mails displayed without any text content which got displayed properly some weeks ago? ===
     97Mails may contain several "streams", like the normal text and attachments. The text however may also exist in more than just one variant. The standard allows plain text and HTML text to coexist within one mail, but in this case both parts must contain the same text, even if they are displayed differently.
     99Now some very smart companies, but this also applies for spam mails, decide to fill only the HTML part with their message and leave the alternative text part empty. Most mail clients on other systems prefer to display HTML text this goes unnoticed by the masses and nobody complains. Since YAM still prefers plain text over other alternatives and hence will display a mail with no body at all.
     101However, this can be worked around. Open the config window, go to the "Read" page and activate the options "Display all texts" and "Show alternative parts". This will let YAM display the alternative HTML part as an attachment and additionally will show this HTML part converted to text.
     103=== When displaying an email with embedded soft-styles such as bold/italic, etc. the mail will be displayed with the style markers '*' as well, why? ===
     104In versions previous to YAM 2.5+, email messages were displayed with the soft style markers in a mail. However, this cause severe trouble in case a style marker was incorrectly recognized so that text was mixed up. Especially for formatted text like stylished ASCII-art signatures or documentations this ended up in a completly mixed up display of the email. In addition, other mainstream email programs also didn't strip the soft-style markers for the very same reasons.
     107Considering that an author of an email wrote a short ASCII-art documentation in an email to e.g. explain a bit mask that he used and where he wanted to highlight the first bit as important in bold:
     1100      1 0 1 1
     111|      | | | |
     112|      | | | bit5
     113*bit1* | | bit4
     114       | bit3
     115       bit2
     118Due to the used '*' bold-style characters this may have ended up looking like the following in YAM < 2.5 because the '*' chars were completly replaced by the bold style only:
     1210      1 0 1 1
     122|      | | | |
     123|      | | | bit5
     124bit1 | | bit4
     125       | bit3
     126       bit2
     129As can be seen in that example, the ASCII-art here is completly mixed up due to the removed "*" bold-style characters.
     131However, now with YAM 2.5+ these kind of problems were fixed by keeping those soft-style characters in the showed mail text so that the above example now perfectly ends up being display correctly with the bold style and its markers:
     1340      1 0 1 1
     135|      | | | |
     136|      | | | bit5
     137*bit1* | | bit4
     138       | bit3
     139       bit2
     142In addition to that fix, it is now more easily possible to spot which character can be used to start writing a word in bold style rather than having to always use the corresponding toolbar button.