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    142142In addition to that fix, it is now more easily possible to spot which character can be used to start writing a word in bold style rather than having to always use the corresponding toolbar button.
     144=== Doubleclicking an URL doesn't seem to popup my favourite webbrowser? ===
     145For automatically popping up your webbrowser upon clicking on an URL in a mail you are view ing in YAM, you require to configure either an external Arexx script to popup the web browser or to install and configure openurl.library and its corresponding tools. Here we are going to discuss both possibilities. However, OpenURL should be considered the default preferred way.
     147**via OpenURL:**
     148Before we are going to discuss how to configure OpenURL correctly, please make sure you have the very latest version correctly installed and reachable for YAM. As of writing, the latest version of OpenURL is version 7.2. Please make sure that the following command outputs similar values on you shell:
     1511> version LIBS:openurl.library full
     152openurl.library 7.2 (01.12.2005)
     155In addition, you should have a preferences program 'OpenURL' in you SYS:Prefs drawer. This is the main configuration tool for OpenURL. On a freshly installed OpenURL setup, it contains default settings. However, please note that these defauls do most likely NOT work out-of-the-box. You have to actually change them to your own iternet applications environment. As we are currently only interested in setting up a web browser in OpenURL, we take IBrowse as an example.
     157So, if you have the preferences application open, you will see different registers for web browsers, mailers and FTP programs you can configure. In 'Browsers' you should find an 'IBrowse' entry with some default settings. Doubleclick on it and make sure the following window shows the similar information:
     161Please note, that especially the "Path" setting definitly requires a change, as you are supposed to put in the correct directory/file path to the IBrowse executable. However, make sure that the "%u" part at the very end of the string remains.
     163Next, make sure that in the main configuration window, the 'Misc' register contains the following settings:
     167Now, if you have everything correctly configured and setup according to the above explainations, you should be able to open an URL even from the command line via the C:OpenURL executable that was also supplied with the default OpenURL installation:
     1701> openurl
     173This should, if correctly configured, fire up IBrowse in case it was configured to be the web browser with the highest priority in OpenURL. So please check your OpenURL configuration that e.g. IBrowse is at the top of your configured web browser list. In addition, if the above openurl command didn't succeed with automatically launching your web browser, try to use tools like SnoopDOS or Snoopy for tracking what OpenURL is trying to do when you execute the C:OpenURL command.
     175If this worked as expected, you can now try to doubleclick on an URL in a mail mesage in YAM (after having restarted YAM). If this still doesn't fire up IBrowse as the C:OpenURL did, then please have a look at the "Scripts" configuration tab in YAM. There, you have to make sure that you have NOT configured any arexx script for handling the doubleclicks on URLs. ("When double-clicking a URL" have to be empty)
     177**via Arexx:**
     178If, for whatever reason it might be, you want to use a plain Arexx script for firing up the correct web browser, all you have to do is - go to the 'Scripts' configuration tab in YAM. There, make sure that you have the 'GotoURL.yam' script configured for the doubleclick actions on URLs. In addition, you have to make sure that - if you have YAM 2.5+ running - the script command string contains an %p qualifier at the end, like:
     180For YAM 2.5+:
     183YAM:Rexx/GotoURL.yam %p
     186For older YAM versions:
     192However, please note again, that the preferred way of configuring a doublick action on URLs is, to use OpenURL instead of the limited Arexx script possibility.