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    192192However, please note again, that the preferred way of configuring a doublick action on URLs is, to use OpenURL instead of the limited Arexx script possibility.
     194=== YAM shows the default icon for attachments rather than the one I configured in DefIcons. Why? ===
     195YAM 2.5+ introduced a new so-called AttachmentGroup which shows all attachments of a mail in an icon/image bar at the bottom of the mail read window. For each attachment, it will show a seperate icon/image depending on the file type of the attachment. For archieving this, it uses the DefIcon system of the operating system it is runing on. This system allows (through SYS:Prefs/DefIcons) to configure seperate icons for various types of files. Unfortunately, it is limited and especially the way third-party applications like YAM can query the icon/image for a certain file isn't perfect at all. In addition, the way DefIcon identifies a file type is based on certain rules a user can configure in SYS:Prefs/DefIcons where some rules do actually try to analyze the binary content of the file in question and therefore require the actual file to exist.
     197Now, when YAM is going to show the user the AttachmentGroup, it hasn't decoded all different MIME parts due to performance reasons. This means, that at the time YAM tries to show the user the icon/image for an attachment, it just knows the filename, description and size of the attachment, but it hasn't actually written the binary data of it to disk. So, at the time YAM is going to ask the DefIcons system for the actual icon/image of the file it can't supply the decoded binary and therefore will only show/query for the default type based on the MIME type of the attachment.
     199However, as soon as the attachment was decoded either because it was viewed/printed/saved from within YAM, the AttachmentGroup will show the correct icon/image based on what DefIcons supplies.
     201=== I can't put my initials into or change the quoting string used on reply! Why? ===
     202In YAM 2.5 we removed the possibility to add your own initials to the quoting string '>' that is normally put in front of every line when you reply to a mail. This was done to conform to common netiquettes and the so-called Son-Of-RFC 1036 and its successors.
     204The point is, that there are some kind of common rules when creating an email. And one of those rules is the way a text/mail should be quoted. Borrowed from the way quoting was common in Usenet, emails use the same '>' quotation character that is put in front of every replied line in a mail. Previous versions of YAM allowed to put your own initials in that quoting string so that a string like 'JD>' was added on all mails that were quoted by the user John Doe. While this seemed to be a nice and neat way of getting more order into the quoting history, it more or less ends up in more obfuscation of mails, especially in large threads. Another point why such initial quotation strings shouldn't be used is, that there is only a very few amount of mail clients that are able to identify these strings as actual quotations and strip or highlight them accordingly on a reply.
     206Therefore, we generally removed the possibility to add your own initials to the quote string as well as the graphical elements to change the quotation string in the YAM configuration window. We really believe that compatibility to common rules and RFCs is most important.
     208For further readings on the pros and cons and how a mail should be properly quoted please have a look at Keep especially an eye on the 'Quotationsmarks' section that pretty much sums the issue up.