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    8282=== The layout of the prefs window doesn't adapt properly when reducing its size, any solution available to it? ===
    8383Yes, we know about it and have already fixed the issues in newer YAM versions. In fact, it was a bug in the layouting of the prefs window of YAM versions <= 2.4p1. Any newer version shouldn't contain that issue anymore.
     85=== Printing doesn't seem to work. What's wrong? ===
     86The printing engine in YAM is directly using the PRT: device of the operating system you are using. Please make sure you have that device properly configured and verified that you are able to print via PRT:. Besides that, YAM isn't doing anything special on printing.
    8588== Language Support ==
    199202However, as soon as the attachment was decoded either because it was viewed/printed/saved from within YAM, the AttachmentGroup will show the correct icon/image based on what DefIcons supplies.
     204== Mail replying/forwarding ==
    201206=== I can't put my initials into or change the quoting string used on reply! Why? ===
    202207In YAM 2.5 we removed the possibility to add your own initials to the quoting string '>' that is normally put in front of every line when you reply to a mail. This was done to conform to common netiquettes and the so-called Son-Of-RFC 1036 and its successors.
    208213For further readings on the pros and cons and how a mail should be properly quoted please have a look at Keep especially an eye on the 'Quotationsmarks' section that pretty much sums the issue up.