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    8888=== Why is YAM taking braces as in "[]" as part of URLs? ===
    8989Despite the recommendation in RFC 1738 to encode such characters when they are supposed to be part of URLs, a number of Internet resources, entities and users keep using the "[]" braces in unencoded form, and this used to make YAM stop parsing an URL as soon as such characters were found, as in "<[7]/myfile>". As a workaround for this problem, YAM 2.4 takes these characters as part of the URL. Parenthesis are allowed in URLs in unencoded form, which again negates the use of () to delimit URLs. You are advised to use "<" and ">" for this purpose.
     91=== Why does YAM crash or hang when I enter the 'Mixed/Misc' section in the configuration window or while starting up? ===
     92This may be because of bugs in the XPK system (a collection of libraries used to compress and encrypt files) itself. It is known that XPK Release 4.31 contains a bug in the xpkQuery() function, so you should upgrade to at least version 4.32 or newer. In addition, in release 4.33 there's a buggy version of xpkNONE.library which can be found in the LIBS:compressors directory. We suggest to delete this file (who's using it at all?). Recent versions of XPK can be found at
     94And last but not least, other third party compressor libraries stored in the LIBS:compressors directory may cause the same issues. So if you run into the above mentioned proble, we suggest that you use tools like 'SnoopDOS' to track the library open sequence while switching to the 'Mixed/Misc' configuration page of YAM. As soon as YAM crashes because of a broken compressor library, you should notice that in the output of SnoopDOS. Delete this broken library from LIBS:compressors and try to start YAM again.
    9196== Language Support ==