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    331331You should **NOT** "enforce" the learning process by classifying all your previously collected spam mails manually after enabling the spam filter. YAM will learn best by itself with a little help by the user, as described above. **Only newly** received emails should be manually flagged as spam or no spam. Usually about 100 mails (good as well as bad) are enough to let YAM recognize spam mails correctly with a probability of 90% and more. However, if for some reason the spam filter "stops" to work for you no matter how to train it, go to the YAM configuration and reset the SPAM training data and restart flagging spam and no spam manually as new mail arrives.
     333== Network Setup ==
     335=== How to properly set up SMTP-AUTH authentication? ===
     336Some mail providers (ISP) recently changed their requirements regarding to how incoming mail is handled and who is allowed to send mail through their servers via the SMTP protocol. This mainly was necessary to reduce the amount of SPAM, thus letting only authorized users send mails. This protocol is called SMTP-AUTH and fully supported by YAM 2.5+.
     338Often providers even require the users to connect to their SMTP servers via an encrypted connection only. This is what the SSL/TLS feature in YAM is for. Together with the required AmiSSL library, it fully encrypts every transfer through YAM and the mail server. To use such a secure connection you must install AmiSSL V3.5. While AmigaOS4.0 already comes with AmiSSL V3.5 installed, for OS3.x or MorphOS you have to download AmiSSL 3.6 from the AmiSSL homepage and install it on your system.
     340To properly configure a SMTP-AUTH connection in YAM, you can go to the TCP/IP page of the configuration window. There you have to make sure that you have configured SMTP accordingly:
     343    secure connection type: SSLv3 (if it is required)
     344    use SMTP-AUTH: yes
     345    User name: <your user name>
     346    Password: <your password>
     347    Method: Auto
     350Usually 'Auto' as the authentication method should be suffice. If your mail provider still doesn't accept your mails then you should select a specific authentication method (DIGEST-MD5, CRAM-MD5, LOGIN or PLAIN).
     352And if you are still unable to send mails even via one predefined method, then you can run YAM with the DEBUG command-line option. This option will enable the internal TCP/IP debugging and output any raw output of the connection on the shell you just started YAM from. See FAQ item for more information on how to debug YAM.