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    8585=== Printing doesn't seem to work. What's wrong? ===
    8686The printing engine in YAM is directly using the PRT: device of the operating system you are using. Please make sure you have that device properly configured and verified that you are able to print via PRT:. Besides that, YAM isn't doing anything special on printing.
     88=== Printing seems to work, but I always get a warning requester right before the document is printed?!? ===
     89Under certain circumstances it may happen that when you try to print an email, you will get a warning requester about either your printer being offline and/or your printer reporting it is out of paper. However, when you press Okay/Ignore the document is perfectly printed without any problem.
     91The reason for that strange behaviour is, that YAM has a printer check routine which tries to identify if your printer is online and/or out of paper. However, this routine may not work on some situations or if your printer and/or the printer.device reports a wrong status.
     93To workaround the issue you can setup YAM to suppress the warning completly and directly send the data to the printer regardless of the acquired and perhaps incorrect printer status. All you have to do is to open your YAM:.config file in a text editor and search for the configuration item "PrinterCheck". All you have to do is to set this item to "N" and saving the configu file back. Then YAM shouldn't bother you with those error requesters anymore as soon as you have restarted it.
    8895=== Why is YAM taking braces as in "[]" as part of URLs? ===