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    103103=== Why there are Enforcer hits when flushing memory after uniconifying YAM and its MUI prefs? ===
    104104If you iconify YAM while its MUI prefs window is opened, then you do an AVAIL FLUSH and then uniconify YAM, you get Enforcer hits. Unfortunately, this is a bug in MUI <=3.8. The same problem can be reproduced with any other MUI application.
     106=== I cannot change the sender address (From:) in the write window since YAM 2.8. Why? ===
     107This is not correct. Correct is, that the write window does not have a freetext string gadget for changing the sender address (From:) anymore. But there is now a completly new and more powerful way of changing the sender address than just entering it in a freetext string gadget. Since YAM 2.8 you can setup an unlimited number of 'identities' in the global YAM configuration. There, identities can be setup to have different sender addresses and as soon as you have configured more than two identities the write window will show a 'From:' cycle gadget that will allow you to easily change the identity and thus the sender address for the mail you are currently composing.
     109So you simply have to setup as many identities as you use different email addresses and then use the cycle gadget in the write window instead. In addition, if properly setup, this identity support also allows you to chose different SMTP servers, sent mail folders, default signatures and other options per identity which is way more powerful than just manually entering different sender addresses each time in a freetext string gadget.
    106111== Language Support ==