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    269269However, this functionality is not meant to be used to bounce the mail back to the original author. This includes that e.g. if you received a SPAM message you want to bounce it back to the original author (the spammer) to give him the impression that something went wrong and that the user didn't exist. That's not only producing unnecessary email traffic but also isn't the scope of the bounce functionality in YAM. In addition, since 95% of the junk mail have bogus sender addresses this would result in error messages or that you have sent SPAM yourself to someone innocent. Spammers themself don't care about whether the mail makes it or not (hence the bogus address). All they are after is the small percent that fall for whatever they are spamming for. If the address is simply bad then it is going to bounce back or more commonly it is someone else's address that is going to get bombarded with bounced messages.
     271=== Why are are mails duplicated in the Outgoing folder when editing them again later? ===
     273With YAM 2.9 the usage of the Outgoing folder has changed. It is no longer used to store both "unfinished" AKA "work in progress and put on hold" mails together with "finished" AKA "ready to be sent" mails, but only "finished" mails. If you plan to make further modifications to a mail before finally sending it out you should not click on "Send now/later" in the write window but on "Save as draft". This will place the mail in the new Drafts folder to make further modifications at a later point in time. Mails in the Drafts folder will never be sent out by YAM, but can easily be edited again by a simple double click.
     275However, modifying a "finished" mail in the Outgoing folder is still possible, but then the mail will be treated as any other received mail and YAM will create a new mail in the Outgoing folder. It is then the user's task to decide which mail is the one to be sent out. The other one should be deleted to avoid confusion for the receiving recipients.
    272278== Composing Mails ==