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    3434To avoid such unwanted abortions YAM will open the preselection/transfer window in inactive state for automatically initiated mail transfers (i.e. timed mail fetch or mail transfers initiated by an ARexx script). For all user initiated transfers (import, export, get/send mail) the window will be activated, because this is an action that was explicitly triggered by the user and not some automechanism triggered by YAM itself.
     36=== The menu of the write window contains strange "ramiga X", "ramiga C" shortcut definitions. Why is the typical Amiga image not used instead? ===
     37The reason for this shortage has already been adressed in version 2.5 of YAM. However, please find explainations for earlier versions and why there the menuitems couldn't use the typical 'Amiga' images to signal the shortcut:
     38The point is, that the configuration of these shortcuts was up to the user. In fact, TextEditor.mcc provided a configuration management where a user could specify himself which key shortcuts he want to use. The "ramiga X" display was just a placeholder for that - it even was't a real shortcut definition. It should have only pointed out which default key combinations are normally used for these operations. So it was more cosmetical. But as said, in YAM 2.5 the behaviour changed and now the typical Amiga image should be used as expected.