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    3838The point is, that the configuration of these shortcuts was up to the user. In fact, TextEditor.mcc provided a configuration management where a user could specify himself which key shortcuts he want to use. The "ramiga X" display was just a placeholder for that - it even was't a real shortcut definition. It should have only pointed out which default key combinations are normally used for these operations. So it was more cosmetical. But as said, in YAM 2.5 the behaviour changed and now the typical Amiga image should be used as expected.
     40=== I changed the shortcut definition of TextEditor.mcc to use a non-default shortcut for the Cut&Paste operations. However, YAM still shows e.g. "Amiga+C" in the window. ===
     41Since YAM 2.5, the behaviour for the shortcuts of the default Edit actions like Copy&Paste have been changed. This means, that like explained in the previous FAQ item, YAM now always uses the standard shortcuts according to common StlyeGuides. E.g. a Copy operation will always be mapped to "Amiga+C" whereas the Paste operation will be mapped to "Amiga+V" no matter what you have configured in the TextEditor.mcc configuration itself.
     43For YAM versions prior to 2.5, the situation is slightly different. There, the shortcut which is configured in TextEditor.mcc will always be used and the shown e.g. "ramiga X" placeholder in a window menu is just to show the default if you have TextEditor.mcc set to the default.