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    4343For YAM versions prior to 2.5, the situation is slightly different. There, the shortcut which is configured in TextEditor.mcc will always be used and the shown e.g. "ramiga X" placeholder in a window menu is just to show the default if you have TextEditor.mcc set to the default.
     45=== The attachment icon sometimes suddenly disappears in main mail listview, why? ===
     46In the main mail listview where all your mails in a folder are listed, the Attachment status icon (normally a paper-clip icon) is sometimes shown, but suddenly disappears as soon as you click on that mail for viewing its content. Even if that may look a bit strange and may lead to the impression that attachments are being lost when viewing the mail, this behaviour is normal and correct.
     48The reason why this is happening is that unfortunately some broken (old) mail clients tend to send out emails where the main content-type is set to "multipart/mixed" or "multipart/related" even if that email just contains one main mail text part without a real attachment. This is clearly incorrect according to the RFCs and can be considered a bug in those email programs. However, the reason why YAM is first showing the attachment status icon is that it just analyzes the main mail header due to performance reasons and as soon as you click on the message a depper (more time consuming) analyze is performed where it automatically recognizes that the mail doesn't really contain any binary or text attachment, but just the main normal mail text.
     50So the behaviour of YAM is fully correct and in line what the RFCs suggests.
     52=== When I use the up/down arrows keys, the scrollbar of the main mail list moves instead of the highlighted mail to be changed. Why? ===
     53The cause for this behaviour might be, that you have selected the main mail list via the "Tab" key gadget activation feature of MUI. MUI has a so-called CycleChain feature which allows to cycle through all existing gadgets in a window via the Tab key. In such a case, the main mail list of YAM can be activated via a numerous amount of Tab-key uses.
     55And as the NList-based main mail list changes it behaviour when it is directly activated via the CycleChain, this is the reason why the scrollbar scrolls when you use the up/down arrows. If an NList class is activated in such a way it will scroll down instead of changing the selection.
     57However, there is an easy way of solving such a situation. You just have to press "Ctrl+Tab" to signal MUI to unselect all currently active gadget and as such you will find yourself back being able to change the selection in the mail list via the Up/Down arrow keys.
     59=== Redrawing of the folder listtree is so slow that I can see every single folder getting redrawn separately. Why? ===
     60The reason for the problem you are facing in YAM is, that YAM uses the NListtree.mcc class for rendering the folder list. This class is a subclass of the NList classes and highly depends on the internals of the NList.mcc class itself.
     62As a matter of fact, the NListtree class is known to be somewhat unoptimized in the fields of redrawing entries. Somehow it seems to massivly redraw items if there is any other window in front of the list it wants to redraw. So, this is a known issue of the NListtree class and will hopefully be adressed in one of the future versions of NListtree.mcc itself.
     64However, you can perfectly try to avoid that slow redrawing situation by making sure that no other window is in front of the folder listtree in YAM as soon as it requires redrawing.
     66=== Can I permanently save the position and size of a window? ===
     67Yes, via the normal MUI 'snapshot' feature....
     69...start the MUI settings interface by selecting 'Settings/MUI'. Select the 'Windows' section and make sure the third of the little system gadget buttons there is activated. After saving the settings every window will have an additional system gadget in the upper right corner. One click on this gadget will snapshot the actual size and position of the window for future sessions. This is a general MUI feature and if you use it on the YAM window you should be able to "snapshot" the window size of YAM permanently.
     71=== Why are some columns of the mail listview always resizing automatically? ===
     72In fact, this behaviour is very common for NList-based listviews. The 'problem' is, that NList is per default automatically adjusting the size of each column depending on their content width. So if you have a mail with e.g. very long subject lines or if the status column contains a changing amount of status icons, it may happen that NList automatically decided to resize the columns automatically.
     74While this can be very annoying during normal work, it can also proof quite usefull in some cases. However, there is also the possibility to force NList not to automatically resize a column. For this to happen, you have to drag the vertical separator to the desired size (you actually have to drag it at all) and use the MUI 'snapshot' feature you can normally access via one of the top-right border buttons in the YAM main window.
     77== Translations ==
     79=== There seems to be no translation available for my language? ===
     80Well, as you might know. YAM is open source and as such is highly dependent on on the users (community) - especially when it comes to locale translation. Even if there are organisations like the ATO who are trying to organize a global and free translation service for Amiga applications, we are trying to give individual the chance to contribute their translation.
     82So if you find that YAM isn't yet fully translated for your language, please have a look at the document at our main support site. There you should find information on how to generate your own translation file and also contribute to us.
     84We are looking forward to receive your translations.