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    7474While this can be very annoying during normal work, it can also proof quite usefull in some cases. However, there is also the possibility to force NList not to automatically resize a column. For this to happen, you have to drag the vertical separator to the desired size (you actually have to drag it at all) and use the MUI 'snapshot' feature you can normally access via one of the top-right border buttons in the YAM main window.
     76=== The toolbar buttons and other graphics are displayed in wrong colors. Why? ===
     77This usually happens due to a bug in the 'ilbm.datatype' and only happens if YAM is running on a hicolor or truecolor screen. An update of the ILBM.datatype can be found on Aminet.
    77 == Translations ==
     79=== The toolbar buttons don't fit in the window, the rightmost buttons can't be accessed. How can I fix this? ===
     80Some users think that the graphics are too large, but in fact the button labels are eating so much space. If you're using topaz/8 as the label font, then some of the buttons become invisible on a 640 pixel wide screen. Solution: select 'Settings/MUI' and go to the 'Toolbar' section. Now you can either choose a thinner font (helvetica/9 works well) or switch off the labels completely ('image only' mode).
     82=== The layout of the prefs window doesn't adapt properly when reducing its size, any solution available to it? ===
     83Yes, we know about it and have already fixed the issues in newer YAM versions. In fact, it was a bug in the layouting of the prefs window of YAM versions <= 2.4p1. Any newer version shouldn't contain that issue anymore.
     85== Language Support ==
    7987=== There seems to be no translation available for my language? ===