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    2626All other languages here are currently not supported and you are of course free to contribute with your own translations to our development. So in case you are interested please feel free to contact our [wiki:DeveloperTeam development team].
     28== HowTo contribute your translation to us ==
     30This how-to assumes that you have enough experience to install and setup subversion (svn) and using the Shell.
     32First, you need to get the subversion client "svn" from AmiNET for OS3/OS4:
     36After that, you can go and do a checkout by doing something like this:
     39cd "where you want to store the files"
     40svn co yam
     43This will checkout the sources from our "trunk" to your local directory "yam". Now you can go into the "locale" subdir and change the *.ct file for your language in there (Don't change the directory layout and such).
     45However, you need to make sure you keep the following in mind:
     47 1. Always do a "svn update" in that "yam" directory (not in any subdir of it) right before your next change or checkin so that you make sure you get the very latest changes.
     48 2. Always bump the revision and date of your *.ct file (in the header of it) before you checkin your changes back to the repository, that's very important!
     49 3. Always adapt the "ChangeLog" yourself by adding an entry to it right before you checkin (keep the style like we are doing it)
     51After you have done your changes you might do a "svn status" in the "yam" directory and subversion should tell you which files you changed (not the 'M' sign). And after that you could even do a "svn diff" in the directory and subversion should show you a diff file with the particular local changes you have made.
     53If you then have added a comment to the ChangeLog you can do a "svn commit" in the directory "yam" and subversion will prompt you for a log message. This should open c:Ed and here you should add a comment, same like you added to the ChangeLog file. It will also show you which files have been changed and thus which changes will be checked in. After that you will be promted for your login and password and after that you are done!
     55In the future you do not need to do a complete new checkout again, all you need to do, to update yam, is:
     58cd "your yam directory"
     59svn update
     62And please note, before you are able to use "svn commit" you need to got our permission to submit your changes. So please inform us first in case you want to submit your .ct file to us.
     64Good luck translating YAM!